It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chapter 11, Page 8, Book 09

The Blessing of Candles around my home…

As a candle shines through darkness can our lives do the same

I’m sharing some pictures and thoughts today about candles. I have many around my home and use them often.
Nothing says WELCOME HOME like the warmth of candles. With a little creativity, these flickering flames do more than simply light a room. Arranged with care, candles can create a focal point, enhance a centerpiece, or even become a conversation starter
Vanilla-based scents like cinnamon, gingerbread, pumpkin, apple and hazelnut are especially nice during the autumn months as they fill the home with the rich and bold aromas we so often associate with the season

Fruity scents such as citrus, peach and berry can revitalize and uplift the mood within any room
Fresh smells, like linen, rain water or ocean breeze are good in bedrooms, bathrooms or offices

Floral scents are particularly nice for bathrooms and may include lavender, lilac, rose, jasmine or gardenia

The tradition of placing a Candle in the Window goes back to the Colonial times in the United States and back much further in time for other cultures. It is a Tradition practiced throughout the year. It symbolizes the warmth and security of the Family hearth and signals loyalty to Family members and loved ones who are not present in the home
Folklore says that to bring good luck for a year, you must burn a Bayberry Candle on Christmas Day. And if the flame burns bright, and the light shines clear, then heaven will bless you all the year.

Place candles with spicy scents around the home vanilla or cinnamon evoke feelings of comfort. Place mirrors behind the candles to magnify the candles warmth and reflection. Candlelight always softens and warms a room

Many of us learned the little song when we were small about not hiding our light under a bushel, but as adults that's exactly what we do sometimes. Maybe you get discouraged about something and your light start flickering

Candles give warmth. They remind us that we must also give warmth to those around us, especially those who are cold and needy — to warm them with our love

Candles are not permanent. They remind us that our time of life here on earth is fleeting, and that every day our life grows shorter until it is extinguished

I’ll be headed off to church as usual this morning. You all are in my thoughts and prayers as always

‘On Ya’-ma


Jeannette said...

Your candles are very beautiful. I love them as well but only have a couple. We do not have all the choices you do over there although they are getting better. I have never heard of Bayberry. I always think of candles as being so holy as well. If you read this before you leave, please pray for me, I have so much coming up and feeling the pressure.

Kath said...

I too love candles Ma,I have lots.Like Jeannette I have not heard of the bayberry.I shall have to enquire at the store where I buy mine see if the guy can get me some.I love the large Yankee Candles we are now able to purchase in England.I first saw these in Dallas quite a few years ago and they wern't sold in England at that time.Your selection is so interesting.I have enjoyed reading the reasons why we burn candles.I learn something every time I come to your blog.I always have candles burning.At the momentI am burning mulled wine it puts me in the Christmas mood this aroma.Thankyou for sharing your pics once again.LOVELY THEY ARE!!!!!Have a peacful Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Scrappy quilter said...

Your candles are wonderful. I love candles too. I also love your new heading picture. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs

betty said...

very nice display of candles, Ma! I didn't know about the tradition with Bayberry, I do enjoy that smell; I'll have to remember to get one for this Christmas Day

it is always cozy to go to someone's house and smell a candle burning (especially with one that is vanilla or another soothing scent :)

enjoy the day


Hollie said...

I absolutely LOVE candles. I burn them all the time. Thanks for the beautiful entry.

Joann said...

I LOVE candles, and have many that I burn. I have Bayberry, too, but I never heard for the Christmas tradition of burning a Bayberry candle... I'll make sure I do that, this year! Beautiful entry, just reading it was a comfort of warmth!!

LYN said...