It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, November 06, 2009

Chapter 11, Page 6, Book 09

Our town went to a lot of expense to make this beautiful walkway to the East Falls. Many years ago when I was a child there was a road that went down to a park here, but years of seasonal floods washed it away. Hikers continued to make their way down to see the falls but it wasn’t a good pathway at all. We were all delighted when they decided to beautify the area.

This walkway goes on for quite a ways and it has several levels too.

This is one of the observation decks you can go out on. The view of the river here is where it will go down to meet up with where I had pictures of the river yesterday.

Here is a view of the top of the falls. You can see the smoothness of the water and then the falls foaming as they go down. When the town was first formed I’m told they used the power of the falls for a grist mill.

Now we only enjoy looking at it.

Here you see the falls where they finally end in the river

When we’ve had a heavy rain or when the ice and snow melts in the spring, The falls and the river become many times the size you see now.

It is a beautiful sight and I am blessed because it’s probably less than a mile from where I live and it makes for a nice walk.

Happy Friday everyone! You know it is my favorite day of the week and I’m SMILING!

Hope you are too!

'On Ya'- ma


Bumpkin Hill said...

I just found your blog through Marie and Oak Cottage. What a beautiful walk this is, they have created it so well. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Cindi said...

thx for the tour...beautiful!
have a great weekend

Scrappy quilter said...

What a stunning place to spend some time. Incredible!!

betty said...

what a beautiful place Ma! I think it would be neat to walk there and just stop and look at the river at the observation decks, etc. so neat that it is close to your house too so you can enjoy it without having to go too far


Sybil said...

That was alovely walk Ma, I enjoyed it. I think it is even wheelchair able so I might call by one day LOL now woudn't that be a red letter day
Love Sybil xx