It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chapter 11, Page 15, Book 09


I’ve been reading and enjoying it ever since I learned how many years ago. Over the years I’ve read a lot about everything. A-Z I’ve been there.

These days alot of my reading has turned to a much lighter side. I try to keep it that way as most of my reading is just before retiring for the night and I like to keep my dreams happy ones.

Christmas time brings out some of the best reading there is. I recently read a book called The Pearl. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d let you know about it if you are into my kind of reading. I thought I’d never read this particular author’s works before but it seems she has published several other books that sound familiar to me. I’ll have to check them out and see. The Pearl talks about family traditions and is a delight. There are even lots of recipes included too!

Some of the books I will be reading are:

I’ll have to let you know how they are after I read them. I’ve read many other books by the authors of these so I imagine they all will be good ones.

It’s been busy around my house this weekend and I’ve not done much reading so far. Getting this old house of mine ready for company next weekend isn’t an easy job.

This morning as usual I’m off to church. I do need that hour of R & R for sure. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Maybe next week I'll show you more of my Christmas book collection from past years. I have many and they are ones that can be read over and over again

Have a great Sunday!

'On Ya' -ma


BlueRidge Boomer said...


We read the same authors!!...and i love Christmas books....


Sybil said...

I can't say that I have read any of these books Ma. I think that perhaps we have a lot of different authors over here. Mind you I feel quite ashamed as I read so little these day. I've seen the day when I could read a book in a couple of sittings..that was mainly when I was living alone or when Mum was here...Now that Mary is around so much and she can't read it makes me feel for her even more if I have my nose in a book !!
Enjoy your reading. Hope that church went well this morning as ours did.
Love Sybil x

Rose said...

I loved this entry. I used to be such an avid reader then all of a sudden I found that I can't sit still long enough to enjoy reading again. This truly bothers me. Perhaps I just need to buy that special book to hold my interest.

I have insomnia real bad so reading surely would help me as well since I'm up a lot unable to sleep.

Hugs, Rose4

betty said...

I'd love to see your book collection, Ma! I'm a reader and I always enjoy finding new authors. Seeing the books you had on display here gave me great ideas of who to check out the next time I'm at the library; all look very interesting

I'm with you; I like to read for a few minutes before I go to bed; it is sooo relaxing


Buttercup said...

I love to read every day, too. I get my reading time on the subway during my commute. Enjoy!