It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chapter 11, Page 14, Book 09


Acceptance is an important ingredient in the formula of life. It makes an irritating situation acceptable, a major problem minor. Acceptance should be waiting to take over whenever there is not a way out

We can either focus on what we have or what we’ve lost the choice is up to us. There is that word ‘choice’ again. I seem to find it everywhere I look.

I’ve sometimes been overcome by the changes in my life. Some things have completely taken me by surprise and they took a long time to accept. But when I did accept them, I felt a peace that had been missing in my life all that time.

Peace is a product of acceptance. When we try to fight the inevitable, it makes for a lot of chaos in our lives.

I’m not young anymore, I’m not even middle aged. I’m approaching those golden years. The journey there hasn’t been easy at all, but wow the years surely did fly by. I always say I’ve just hung on for the ride!

I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way and acceptance is probably one of the toughest lessons I had to endure.

When you can accept yourself as you are, accepting others and the changes in your life will make your life a whole lot more content.

I am blessed to know that the presence of God is with me at all times and in all situations. God's gentle whisper of assurance fills my soul with peace

May there be peace in your life today.

‘On Ya’-ma


BlueRidge Boomer said...

You are wonderful!!!
What a great post....


Barbara said...

Great post and so true - what we fight fights us back.

Acceptance - something I was glad to be reminded of today.

Sybil said...

And may you also find peace within today Ma. thank you xx
God Bless,
Love Sybil x

Jenny said...

Very true words, have a great day.
Jenny <><

betty said...

love the candle on your blog header, Ma! I looked at it first and it looked like pickles (for some strange reason, LOL). So true about accepting; not only ourselves but more importantly others and trying not to fit them in the mold we have for them but let them discover their own (and ultimately God's plans for their lifes)