It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Chapter 11, Page 1, Book 09

Can you tell it’s a Turkey

Bitter Sweet November

November is an strange month as it’s hard to say whether it’s the end of autumn, or the beginning of winter.. no one can decide whether to stay with the gold and orange tones of fall, or go directly to red and green

There is one holiday in November that may help us make sense of these differing themes. November actually begins with All Saints’ Day. That is today, November 1st.

All Saints’ Day is observed by many Christian churches as a day to remember the lives of virtuous people and rededicate one’s self to following their example.

A leading theme of the month of November is REMEMBRANCE. We remember the veterans of all wars, and also celebrate the armistice after WWI on Veteran’s Day

There are deeper lessons here, too, that prepare us for Thanksgiving and Christmas, all bound up in the word REMEMBER

We Remember With Love

We will remember the lives of the faithful who have gone before us and found home at last.

Every moment we have with those we love is a blessing

How very fragile life is

This month is one that will be filled with JOY.

Our newest member of the family is all set to arrive around the 20th of the month. DS#3 and his wife are going to be the proud parents.

And DDIL#1’s (pictured above) birthday is coming up soon. After that our family will also be getting together to celebrate THANKSGIVING. We do have so many things to be THANKFUL for.

But it is also a time for REMEMBERING some very special people that will no longer be taking a seat around our table. . So I will take the time to remember all those we’ve lost and loved so very dearly. May they rest in peace.

Life is filled with JOYS and SORROWS. I do always try to accept each day as a blessing and believe that everything has a reason and a purpose and to be THANKFUL for it too.

‘On Ya’ -ma


Hollie said...

What a beautiful entry! November is indeed a time of change, remembrance & thankfulness. Have a wonderful day of R&R!

Scrappy quilter said...

Another wonderful entry. I so look forward to reading your entries each day. You have the gift of encouragement and it's beautiful to see daily. Hugs..

betty said...

I bet all are excited with the impending arrival of baby!! always a joy to have a new baby in the family!

I like what angel November is too with humility; something all of us need more of I do believe

love your new blog header too

November sometimes seems like a forgotten month; we rush through it and Thanksgiving in preparation for Christmas. Maybe we just need to be thankful for it and count our blessings, like you said, all day long this month :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ma...for some reason November has always been a favorite month to me...guess cause Thanksgiving has always been the best holiday for has always meant "family"...remembering...and enjoyment...for it seems after is one great big rush rush rush!!!! thanks for the great entry...and you are a blessing to us all!!! hugs...Ora

Buttercup said...

When I think of November, I generally feel sad. It gets dark so early around here and looks so drab as the leaves fall. But I've been counting my blessings for this month and I am a lucky lady! I will add your grandbaby and rejoice with you sometime this month.

Sybil said...

I am just back from a short service tonght at church where I was asked to do a short reading. we also were invited to light small canldes in memory of ones gone before us.. I had of course my dearest Jacqueline in my thoughts but also spared a thought and prayer for your litle Grandson x
Much Love Sybil xx

Sugar said...

beautiful post, my friend.
great looking pic of jack.
sounds like nov will be good at your house. :)
can't wait to hear about the new baby, after arrival. {{ }}}
sending early bd wishes to dil.
yes, may those gone on ahead. r.i.p.

Bookncoffee said...

Oh, I'm excited about the baby coming. This will be fun. Something to look forward to. A new life to celebrate, a new life to love, a new life to train about God and His loving ways. Yessss!

Hope your November is a beautiful one and one that you will cherish.

Joann said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby!! Can't wait to see pics, I know we will. = )

I love November, I love the cool weather, and the warmth of the season. I love the comfort food, the closeness of family and friends, and the kind blessings from people who are open to sharing and giving.

I miss my dad around the holidays, but that doesn't ruin them for me, I miss him EVERYday. I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas for what they mean to me.