It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 8, Book 09

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch

but the opposite is true as well — although not with apples.

One good deed inspires another.


I’ve been looking at those apple orchards everyday on my way home from work. There is still one whole section that is loaded with apples and there are lots and lots on the ground.

When I consider how many they probably picked and are selling these few are probably minuscule but it makes me wonder why…why are those trees unpicked and why are all those apples on the ground? I suppose it’s because they weren’t good enough for selling. As I don’t grow anything but house plants I surely wouldn’t know.

The average household throws out nearly a quarter of the fruits and vegetables it buys
Knowing how to pick and store it can help extend shelf life. The methods vary, but a few rules of thumb generally apply.
The first is to immediately inspect your goods once you get home and pluck out any spoiled specimens.
It really is true that one bad apple can make the entire bunch go bad
A bad apple is often used to describe a troublesome person, coming from the one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel quotation. It is a truism since the mold spores from a bad apple does indeed ruin all the apples in the bunch.

Just like fruit people can spoil things for others too. Often, our first impulse upon coming head-to-head with a bad apple is to express our anger and frustration in no uncertain terms. However, bad apples only have the power to turn our lives sour if we let them. But we do have a choice.

Isn’t it true though that when do a good deed for someone it inspires them to turn around and do something good for someone else.

Here are some things we could do

Open the door for someone

Give up your seat on the train or bus for someone who needs it more than you

If a colleague asks for your help at work and you are really busy, find a way

If you see someone in need, like a woman trying to get her pram up the stairs or a man in a wheelchair struggling to get across the street, help them

Don't throw your old games console out when you get a new one, take it to your local Youth Center

There are always ways to help for sure. Here is my very favorite

My good deed today is to share a SMILE with you and I do hope you pass that on to someone else. If you see someone without one, please share yours with them. Most people that aren’t smiling, need them more than anything else.

You may discover that buried at the very heart of a bad apple is a seed of goodness.


Good deeds travel like ripples on a pond. Good spreads far beyond its initial source.
It is all of us who are ultimately responsible for what we put into the earth and into our lives. It is us who, in the end, will reap what we sow
Joanne Tawfilis

‘On Ya’ -ma


Hollie said...

What an inspiring entry! I wonder about those apples the aren't picked too. Sending you a great big SMILE!

Kathy said...

I will do that today. If I see anyone looking down I will make an effort to smile or say something kind to them. Thanks for the reminder to be kind to others. Have a wonderful day.

betty said...

I liked your apple analogy Ma: I'm going to remember that in my dealings with people over the next few days and in my actions with family, friends, and even strangers

love the flowers on your blog header; such pretty colors!


Sybil said...

I've sent your smile on it's way...the post man has just been !!
thanks as always for such an interesting article. I have had a very busy week but will try and get an enry in my Blog this weekend.
Much Love as always Sybil xx

Rita said...

I am taking a few minutes while everone is still asleep; love your writing and your pictures. Thank you for visiting me.