It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 27, Book 09


Live Better....Laugh More

1. Smile often.
2. Think Make It Happen in all things today.
3. Help others - Pay It Forward.
4. No violence in my actions, words, or intentions.
5. Replace anger, irritation, resentment with compassion.
6. Slow down. Be Caribbean inspired today.(you’ll probably get more done on days that you do this!)
7. Notice the little things today - colors, details, sounds, quiet, feelings etc.
8. Eat slowly.
9. Rest frequently especially when tired, hungry, cranky. Take a break.
10. Send love to others today in action, words, and thoughts.
11. Appreciate every bit of good in my life. Think in terms of each thing you touch (i.e. your pillow) and do (i.e. walking, seeing).
12. No losing my temper. I will observe how I feel when frustrated, breathe deeply and choose a different more patient way to react.
13. Speak softly today
14. Laugh - a lot - even when it doesn’t come naturally. Practice makes perfect.
15. Be kind.
16. Don’t absorb stress today. Gonna be late? No stress. Spill coffee on clothes. Oh well, no stress. Angry people? Wish them peace, move away from them, no stress.
17. Say a thank you in your mind for every good thing I notice today.
18. Enjoy the day.
19. Have fun today.
20. Eat fruit.21. Eat veggies.
22. Make it fun.
23. Compliment others even strangers.
24. Live fully.
25. No fear.
26. Move more today. (more walking, getting up, shake a tail feather, etc)
27. Really listen.
28. Show love and appreciation generously to family and friends today.
29. Sing. Whistle. Listen to music.


I hope you don’t mind another list ‘to do’ today. I’m a list maker and I love being able to scratch things off the list when I’ve done them. Today I’m really going to see how many things I can get done. So tomorrow I’ll let you know how many of those 29 things I was able accomplish.

I know a lot of people like me with a ‘to do’ list a mile long, but this one is different than my usual list of tasks. Seems like a downhill battle some days to even say I’ve done one thing on my list.

These days of shorter and shorter daylight hours are really creating havoc with my energy level. I looked at the clock at 7:30 last night and discovered that no, it is not time for bed yet.

Yesterday I had two or three things I really wanted to get done and none of them did. Maybe today…

We’ll see…


What I do today is important because I'm exchanging a day of my life for it.


‘On Ya’-ma


Hollie said...

I'm a list maker also. The daylight hours are getting shorterindeed. I dread turning the clock back. I will be leaving for work at dark & leaving work at dark. I hate that. Have a great day!

Alice said...

Not much use for me to make a list except for the mental one. Occasionally I make a shopping list & then forget to take it with me. I think it's easier with the time change if you don't have to go to work but we still don't have as many daylight hrs no matter what time the clock says. Trying to talk myself into going to the gro store today (20 miles away).It sure would be nice to live much closer to one but....Hope your day is a funone:)

betty said...

I love your "to do" list Ma and I look forward to tomorrow to see how many of them you got accomplished; all are great ones to pursue and try to achieve

unless I have a big project (move, garage sale, something on that order), I rarely make to-do lists but I do make grocery lists, especially these days as I get older and forget more readily than I did in my youth

I hope you enjoy your day


Scrappy quilter said...

I love the list you've made. I too hope you enjoy your day. Hugs..