It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 25, Book 09

When I open my eyes
To greet another day,
I’ll find myself renewed in strength
And there will open up a way
To meet what seemed impossible
For me to solve alone,
And once again I’ll be assured
I am never on my own

Helen Steiner Rice


After I finish up with my good cup of coffee here this morning I must get ready and head out to church.

You know Sundays are my day of R & R and one of those R’s does stand for renewal. I’m renewed and refueled. My soul and body are refreshed.

We all run out of energy at times. If I’m tired out my brain doesn’t even think straight. So as with all things we must refuel ourselves in order to keep going.

You might say that my hour spent there is fuel for my soul. Soul food is something that gives a lot of comfort. It’s something that makes us feel good and that is the heart of my hour. There is just nothing that can compare.

Sundays were designed to give us rest from work and I’m going to make it one of the best.

Hope you do too!


A hug is a wish…

For peace, joy and quietness of heart

For God’s blessing in every area of your life

For comfort when you feel afraid

For strength when you grow weary

For courage when the road you
Must walk is much longer than you

As you walk through life
May you be able to see
God’s beauty surrounding you
Know that He created it
Just for you

He loves you and I do too!

I’m sending you a hug
Today and always!

‘On Ya’-ma


Bookncoffee said...

Have a wonderful Sunday of R & R. We are going to get our R & R also.

Alice said...

Enjoyed the read, Pam; love all the pics on your sidebar, too. Have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

Hey are so right...soul food is the best kind..amazing how much better we feel under the teachings of is sunny and chilly here today..happy resting day...hugs from Ora in KY

betty said...

love the pumpkins on the header, Ma! very true to get refueled and refreshed on a Sunday :) I know you will do both as you go to church :)

enjoy the day


Gayla said...

I couldn't agree more. Food for the soul is so important, no matter what :)

Huggers, Gayla

Kathy said...

Great post Ma. I agree that the R & R I get on Sunday's helps me get through the week. We are expecting rain tonight here in Oregon.

Hollie said...

I sure hope you have had a wonderful day & weekend!

Scrappy quilter said...

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. I made it a day of rest too, reading. Our internet was out all day. Hugs

Valerie said...

You have some of the most inspirational blogs I have ever seen! I was taking a look at a few of them. Wow! I am impressed! I will be back! Thanks for paying a visit to Joy in the Rain this morning =) Hugs and love, Val xox