It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 24, Book 09


VICKI, an unhappy rich woman, sits impatiently on a bus stop bench.
MIKE, a homeless man, sits down next to her with a big smile on his face.
What are you smiling for?
MIKE: It’s what I do.
VICKI: I won’t ask.
MIKE: I sell smiles for a living.
VICKI: I’m not interested.
MIKE: Here, have a free one – on me. (He smiles at her.)
VICKI: No thank you.
MIKE: Sorry, can’t take it back. You’ll have to give it to someone else.
VICKI: What?
MIKE: The smile. You’ll have to give it away if you don’t want it. Or sell it if you like – apparently it hasn’t been used much.
VICKI: What do you mean by that?
MIKE: You don’t smile very often, do you?
VICKI: So what if I don’t?
MIKE: Shouldn’t waste your smile…there’s plenty of people who could use one.
VICKI: Well they can have mine.
MIKE: Your what?
VICKI: My smile.
MIKE: I don’t see one.
VICKI: I thought you just gave me one.
MIKE: I tried, but it didn’t stick. I think it bounced right off.
VICKI: Fine. What’s there to smile about anyway?
MIKE: Well–
VICKI: You don’t have to answer that.
MIKE: There’s lots of things to smile about. It’s a beautiful day outside; the busses are running on time…
VICKI: I don’t want to hear about it.
MIKE: -and look at that flower over there, now that would make anybody smile-
VICKI: Would you leave me alone!

…a long moment of silence…Finally, she gives in!

VICKI: So what’s the going rate on smiles these days?
MIKE: Pardon me?
VICKI: Your smiles–how much are they?
MIKE: Oh, they’re very expensive.
VICKI: So’s my taste.
MIKE: You probably couldn’t afford one.
VICKI: Try me.
MIKE: I’m warning you–it’ll cost…
VICKI: Yes, I know, HOW MUCH?
MIKE: One smile.
VICKI: One smile?
MIKE: That’s how much they cost.
VICKI: What?
MIKE: The price for a smile is exactly one smile.
That’s the going rate.
…She thinks about it…
VICKI: All right. (smiles) I’ll take one.
MIKE: It was a pleasure doing business with you. (…he leaves)

…Daisy, a streetwalker, sits down next to her…

DAISY: What’s with the smile?
VICKI: I sell smiles for a living…………..


It is a great day here. The weather isn’t much to brag about but then it isn’t snowing so I won’t complain. You don’t have to shovel rain. All I have to do is put my umbrella up if I want to go out.

I’m meeting one of my friends for breakfast in a little while. I haven’t seen her is almost a year now so it will be good to get together. We are supposed to go to Cracker Barrel and it has a cute little gift shop so I’ll enjoy looking around in there too.

I have actually purchased some Christmas gifts already and am always on the lookout for something special for the special people in my life.

With 24 people in my own immediate family and a few other relatives and friends I have a lot of gifts to get and wrap. I put my Plan in a Pumpkin Shell on the side bar here in this journal so you can see it. I have used this for a number of years and it works.

I do hope you are blessed with a few SMILES today and a little SUNSHINE to warm your heart.


1. It’s less work than frowning.
2. It’s free, legal, and nonfattening.
3. It shows off all that expensive dental work.
4. It makes you look innocent.
5. It gives your mouth something to do when you’re not eating or talking.
6. It’s so distracting, no one notices you dressed in the dark.
7. It helps you look like the after picture instead of the before picture.
8. It makes everyone wonder what you’ve been up to.
9. It can make you look scary and unstable so people won’t mess with you.
10. It gives you those cute little dimples that no one can resist

‘On Ya’-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

Have fun with your friend. I love The Thought for Today. it's cool here, no snow though. It all melted.

betty said...

that was a great story about Vicki and the smiles; going to print that one out

I love the Cracker Barrell! I hope you enjoyed breakfast with your friend, Ma :)


Joan said...

Nice to speak to you today, rain here too but mild and windy. Where would we be without our umbrellas or brollies as we call them here. Have a good day. Love Joan

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma...I love eating at the Cracker Barrel...and I also like your plan...and many many years ago I think I had one something like that...but not anymore...I am at the place where I do what I want...when I want..and enjoy it as I am doing it...if it all gets done fine...if not..someone else is going to have to carry the ball!!! is that selfish of me??? and I love that story of Vicki and the Smiles...such an easy thing to give and do...but we get caught up in life...and sometimes forget...right?? thanks for the uplifting words...always makes my day!!! hugs and God Bless...Ora

Jenny said...

Loved the smile for sale. Have a good day with your friend.

Jenny <><

Joann said...

Great story of Vicki and the smiles! I also really liked the thought for today!

I loved your holiday plan.... I like to get it all done early as well, I've found that you can REALLY take the stress OUT of the holidays by doing as much as you can early. Then the holiday parties and baking, etc. are so much more fun!!