It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 20, Book 09

A little story for you today…

During one of the many Reformation battles, a young soldier found himself and his army being soundly defeated by the enemy. He and his comrades hastily retreated from the battlefield in defeat, running away in fear of their very lives.
The enemy gave chase. The young man ran hard and fast, full of fear and desperation, and soon found himself cut off from his comrades. The soldier eventually came upon a rocky ledge containing a cave. Knowing the enemy was close behind, and that he was exhausted from the chase, he chose to hide there.
After he crawled in, he fell to his face in the darkness, desperately crying out to God to save him and protect him from his enemies. He made a bargain with God. He promised that if God saved him, he would serve Him for the remainder of his days.
When he looked up from his despairing plea for help, he saw a spider beginning to weave its web at the entrance to the cave. As he watched the delicate threads being slowly drawn across the mouth of the cave, the young soldier pondered its irony. He thought, I asked God for protection and deliverance, and He sent me a spider instead.
How can a spider save me?His heart was hardened, knowing the enemy would soon discover his hiding place and kill him. Soon he did hear the sound of his enemies, who were now scouring the area looking for those in hiding.
One soldier with a gun slowly walked up to the cave's entrance. As the young man crouched in the darkness, hoping to surprise the enemy in a last-minute desperate attempt to save his own life, he felt his heart pounding wildly out of control. As the enemy cautiously moved forward to enter the cave, he came upon the spider's web, which by now was completely strung across the opening. He backed away and called out to a comrade,
There can't be anyone in here. They would have had to break this spider's web to enter the cave. Let's move on.Years later, this young man, who made good his promise by becoming a preacher and evangelist, wrote about that ordeal.
What he observed has stood by me in times of trouble, especially during those times when everything seemed impossible: Where God is, a spider's web is as a stone wall. Where God is not, a stone wall is as a spider's web


Every day there miracles all around us. Sometimes we see them and very often we don’t. As I try to dwell on the ‘bright side’, I’m often in search for them. I am always on the look out to see what blessings each day may contain.

On my way home from work yesterday I witnessed a car going through a red light. Red lights mean stop, but this car jumped the gun. The turn signal in the lane on his right turned green, but his light to go straight didn’t. Well it was a miracle that car did not get hit. I said a little prayer of thanks for that one.

How often I’ve almost done the same thing.

When I see things like that happen I always think that persons guardian angel must be working overtime.

Today is another work day for me. The 2nd of 5 this week. And believe me when I say , I do say my guardian angel prayer as I go out the drive way.

That prayer is followed by one for my family and friends too.


Working high upon the steep roof of a barn the old guy lost his footing andstarted a rapid slide downward. Certain that he would be killed, the man, whowasn’t a regular customer, cried out to God, Lord, save me!

Immediately, his cuff caught on a nail which was just far enough out to snaga healthy chunk of material. With a sigh of relief, the fellow prayed again,Never mind, Lord, my pants caught on a nail and stopped me.

I wonder how many miracles we explain away. Out of need, a prayer goes up;but when the answer comes, it is rationalized. Even more I wonder how manymiracles we would see if we expected to see more

‘On Ya’-ma


Cindi said...

Great msg this morning!
thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

as usual Ma you jump started my day...with your words of wisdom and encouragment!! it is sunny here this morning...the mowers have been by already...hubby is clearing the tomato plants out of their summer homes I am doing laundry..hope your days move fast..I can remember counting the hours until the day was I sometimes count the hours until the day will begin!!! LOL..have a blessed day...hugs...Ora

Sybil said...

Hi MA, I hope that you have had a good day at work and it does not seem to have been to long. I like the story about the cave and the spider. I have heard it
Much Love Sybil x

Scrappy quilter said...

You are absolutely right. There are so many miracles that happen everyday. I think so often we take those for granted, don't you? Hope your day is wonderful.

Bookncoffee said...

It is nice to pray for others - even when they have no idea we are doing it. I have gone around a room before and prayed a prayer for each person. It was a very neat experience. It is such a giving thing when you think of it.
I hope people pray for me too. I know you do. And I for you!

Hollie said...

There's miracles all around us indeed. We just don't take the time to see them.

Buttercup said...

Thanks for your good thoughts to dream on and think about. Had a miracle the other day, of which I am quite sure. Got out of work after nine on Sunday and the street was deserted. Needed to take the subway at a quite isolated stop. Looked down the street and there was an empty taxi. I've worked in this location for over 4 years and can't remember seeing a taxi at all, let alone on a deserted Sunday evening. I'm smiling about it two days later.

Rose said...

I always feel good after reading your blogs.

Hugs said...

I have often looked back at things that have happened in my own life and just knew an angel or god had to be watching over me.
Wonderful pictures of your camping spot on your sidebar. Looks so peaceful.

Joann said...

I love this!! Great one to read and think about as we go through our day. God Bless!!