It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 10, Page 18, Book 09

Year by year the complexities of this spinning world grow
more bewildering and so each year
we need all the more
to seek peace and comfort
in the joyful simplicities.
Woman's Home Companion (1935)

We do need peace, if we're to maintain our physical and emotional and mental health. And peace can be found only in the simple things--a walk in the forest, a good book on a rainy day, nice music by the fireplace, a good cup of coffee or tea and plenty of time to drink it and enjoy it


Today is my day for R & R. Rest and relaxation. Refreshment and Renewal. The day that helps me to get through the work week ahead of me.

I’ve got my good cup of coffee right beside me and I am at peace here this morning. There is some work I may or may not do today, but for the most part it will be relaxing.

The nice thing about Sundays is that there is no rush to do anything. Whatever I do will be at my pace and not at the demands of others.

I always consider the jobs I do at home to be more fun than work anyway. Taking care of my home is a pleasure to me. It is the work I do away from home that is not always so great.

I hope to do some cooking and baking so that I’ll have some leftovers for the week ahead. Coming home from work and finding a meal in the fridge that only needs to be heated up is a joy.

As always I’m off to church this morning and will be saying some special prayers for all of you today. Some will be prayers of thanks and some will be prayers for help needed. I know that they all will be heard and answered in just the right way and at the right time.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


How many undervalue the power of simplicity!
But it is the real key to the heart.
William Wordsworth

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee too. It's 32 degrees this morning. Brrrrr...a drastic change for sure. I hope you have a wonderful & relaxing Sunday. It's back to work for me tomorrow too. This will be my long work week.

Scrappy quilter said...

We had the most awesome service at church today. Isn't it nice to be able to worship freely in our two countries. Hope you're continuing to have a wonderful relaxing day. Hugs.. said...

I am glad for Sundays myself. It is nice to relax and have some time to myself. Hope you have a good week ahead. Stay warm.

betty said...

always good to take a day to rest, relax, and recharge; sounds like you had a good one planned :)


Anonymous said...

Hi glad you had a good Sunday day of R & is cold here today..the first real cold day..32 degrees...but the sun came out about was nice...the window is right by my chair...and I enjoyed having that sun beat down on almost blinded I closed my eyes and wow..had a nap LOLOL...hugs to ya from Ora in KY

Joann said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me!! Mine was pretty much the same, church, lunch with mom and a couple of friends, then came home to relax and read a little homework.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!