It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chapter 9, Page 9, Book 09


If summer is a symphony,

September is a minuet.

Though September

plays host to summer's end.

There is a delicacy as the

first leaf falls gracefully

From a tree.

There is a quietude in our spirits

As twilight descends

ever so much earlier.

We remember

we picked up our books

And returned to school.

We recall how lovely it was

To walk in the late afternoon

Surrounded by such beauty,

Of autumn's splendor.

And the first time we needed that

Gorgeous sweater.

And we gather in

During this golden time

To our private places,

And to our ultimate thoughts.

We seek our joys by the fireplace,

Rekindled after its summer rest.

And gather in the beauty

And treasure every moment

Of this golden time of year!
Author Unknown


I am thinking today is going to be a great day. The weather predicts a little rain here, but not much and the temps are warm, but not to hot either. From now on in til next Spring any mild day temp wise will be a blessing for sure.
Some of my roses are blooming yet and tiny tomatoes are still growing on the vines. It seems that even a city dweller like me can have tomatoes in the back yard. I have a plant in a flower pot on my patio. It had sprung up all by itself in the flower bed from seeds dropped last year so I transplanted it over to a pot on the patio.
Right now there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables on the roadside stands and I should be ashamed as I’ve really not taken advantage of them they way I should.
I do hope this 9/9/09 is a special day for each and every one of you!
This too is a day the Lord has made!


There is something very special about the arrival of fall. The days are getting shorter, and a faint chill is in the air. We pull out our favorite sweaters and find our favorite blankets. We are drawn to the comfort of the hearth, and have a desire to reconnect to our friends and family

When we spend time alone in nature we discover the voice of God whispering in the depths of our being. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, time outside, with the sun on our head and a breeze at our side, kindles creativity and inspiration, which do wonders for nurturing us heart and soul

Enjoy the season and the miracles that are already here for us.

Bits and Pieces from articles I’ve read

‘On Ya’-ma


Rose said...

Enjoy your day! I wish there were a faint hint of cooler air in my neck of the woods!

Hugs, Rose

Hollie said...

I enjoyed your thought for the day! We stopped yesterday at a roadside fruit stand & bought tomatoes, apples & a watermelon. I will miss these stands when they are gone for the season:(

Anonymous said...

as usual your writings just make the day brighter..even tho it is overcast and cool here in is a good day...fall hasn't really gotten here as yet but I have noticed that the leaves are falling a bit early??? and I guess it is time to put the pool to beddy bye for the winter...think we will wait a bit never know if a sprint of warmer weather will arrive!!! God Bless...hugs...Ora

Scrappy quilter said...

I love your thought for Today again. And I love Sept. It's probably one of my favorite months of the year. Hope you have a day filled with blessings. Hugs.

Lori J said...

My Dearest Pam,
As I read your journals I truly see the love you have of family, God and His word.
Your writings are an inspiration to me and please know that I pray for your often.
I have mixed feelings as I see the leaves change as our ALBERTA summertime is SO short..
I guess this year I can manage as I know our trip back to Arizona will allow us to escape our COLD wintertime.
Sending you hugs and asking the Lord to bless you and yours...


Kathy said...

Have a good day, there is sure a feeling of Fall in the air isn't there? The acorns are dropping out of my oak tree out front and there are very few birds all of a sudden. I will miss the birds.

betty said...

loved that poem of September at the beginning of your entry from today, Pam; and loved your new blog header picture; that campground just looks so peaceful and green!! (remember I'm in a desert so I love to look at green in other parts of the country :)

I know what you mean; we do tend to savor the warm days; even though we won't get as cold as you guys will be in a few months, it does cool down a bit and our mornings and evenings are starting to get a bit of a chill in them

enjoy 9/9/09!!!


Scrappy quilter said...

Here is how to schedule your posts.

Just above Publish Post, see the POST OPTIONS. Hit that and you'll see Reader Comments, whether to allor or not. Across from it you'll see post date and time. Type in the date you want and the time. Then hit publish post. That's the date it will be published. Once you've done that check your edit posts and it will show you when your posts are scheduled to show. HTH

I have to do that with the library posts because most of my books are from the library and they have to be returned before Thurs. comes up.