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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Campfire and Cast Iron Cooking

It was a chilly weekend at the campsite and perfect for cooking on the fire...when it's hot we don't do much of that. So I'm making a special entry just for the food.
Above is a picture of some delicious italian sausage and potatoes cooking. The potatoes were a mixture of red, white and sweet potatoes cubed with a mixture of olive oil, italian seasoning, onion, fresh garlic all mixed together and then put in foil pouches to cook over the fire. They were sooo good.

DSIL and his cousin's hubby were making sure things were cooking right and turning them over now and then to make sure both sides got done

This is a pizza pie iron

These are cast iron pie irons...well buttered

These are the ingredients, except that we did use real butter and not the cooking spray this time. I like it better

When everything is put together, you close up the pie irons and trim off the edges of the bread
Then you put them in the hot coals to bake

This is the finished product...the kids loved them and so did I.

This DS#1's famous cherry upside down cake cooking in the cast iron dutch oven with hot coals around it and on top of it. He lines his cast iron in foil on the inside to make for easier clean up. The he puts a can of cherry pie filling in the pan with a yellow cake mix - all prepared on top of it. Then it's into the coals to bake. I'm not quite sure but it was 30 - 45 minutes till it was done.

Here he is checking to see if it was done

Here it is - just perfect!

It was a fun weekend and good eating for sure!

'On Ya'-ma


Donna. W said...

Now that DOES sound like fun!

Hollie said...

You guys sure know how to eat! Everything looked delicious! It's been cooler here too & I just love it!

Cindi said...

I need to go camping with your family!...all the food looks sooooo yummy...can you send anything UPS???

betty said...

that cherry upside down cake sure looked delicious! its amazing what you can cook out there while camping! I liked that potato idea; I'm going to try it at home; thanks for posting your delicious food you made!

I enjoyed getting these weekend posts from you Ma while you were camping; almost like we were right there around the campfire with you and your family


Angie said...

Well you may have been cold on the outside, but the insides did well there.

Joyful Days said...

It's been so long since I've had food like that--looks so good!