It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chapter 6, Page 24, Book 09

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From A Cow
1. Wake up in a happy mooo-d.
2. Don't cry over spilled milk.
3. When chewing your cud, remember: There's no fat, no calories, no cholesterol, and no taste!
4. The grass is green on the other side of the fence.
5. Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.
6. Seize every opportunity and milk it for all its worth!
7. It's better to be seen and not herd.
8. Honor thy fodder and thy mother and all your udder relatives.
9. Never take any bull from anybody.
10. Always let them know who's the bossy.
11. Stepping on cowpies brings good luck.
12. Black and white is always an appropriate fashion statement.
13. Don't forget to cow-nt your blessings every day.

Good Morning !
To cry over spilled milk is to remain upset about a past loss.
Example: We came so close. Really. We almost won that game!
Reply: There's no use crying over spilled milk. When milk has been spilled, it is wasted and cannot be used. There is no reason to keep complaining over the loss
Crying over spilled milk is not useful because the thing is already lost.
Parents often tell their children to stop crying over spilt milk.
Example: I can't believe we lost my favorite toy!
Reply: Oh, stop crying over spilled milk. You have other toys to play with.
There are times that tears are a waste of time for sure. Other times they are good things though. Sometimes they help us wash away things we’ve been holding inside.

If I could recount all the things I’ve learned over the years and write a book about them, it would save a lot of people a lot of misery. But you know as well as I that most lessons have to be learned on our own. People can tell us and advise us but we really don’t understand til we learn for ourselves.

My Golden Nugget for Today – Lessons learned


Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.
Charles Dickens
‘On Ya’ –ma


Jeannette said...

You are right, people can support us and advise us but they do not walk in our shoes and we have to face up to whatever life throws at us in the best way we can. Tears are a good release.

Scrappy quilter said...

You are so right. Tears are a good release as Jeannette said. You are such a wise lady...I love reading your daily posts. Hugs.

Lori J said...

My Dearest PAM

I have dedided to read your journal every day that I can...You have many words of wisdom to offer.
Daughter violin recital went well although she was the oldest beginner and there is always a sort of pride whe some little 7 year old get ups and plays well.
The teacher also had some marvellous students from previous years that have been playing for 9 years.

Hugs Pam

PS I want to send you a private e mail with a prayer request...

Angie said...

I used to have a good old bawl at the drop of a hat. You would never find me sticking up for myself if somebody was being cruel or unfair to me because I would be standing there bawling my eyes out! As I've got older these things that once seemed so important have taken their rightful place in the pecking order - at the back.

betty said...

I enjoyed that everything to learn about life from a cow perspective; some cute ones, some wise ones. And too often we do tend to cry a lot over spilled milk don't we? got to stop then and count the milk still in the container (blessings)

and its Wednesday! week is winding down (sort of) for you!

betty said...

Love this post..I see alot of cows out in the rural area where I live. The babies with their mamas are so sweet..almost makes me want to stop eating beef.

Sybil said...

I think the cows advise are are good ones and it would do us well to remember them all.
Can hardly believe it is Thursday and tomorrow you will be away again toyour wonderful woodleand retreat...wish I could come with you... Mary and I will be away down to Torquay on Monday till Friday so no comments from me during next week. (Torquay is a seaside town on the South west Coast of England)
Much love and have a wonderful weekend. Sybil xx