It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chapter 6, Page 18, Book 09

Sometimes we are
so busy adding up
our troubles that
we forget to count
our blessings.

Choose to love ... rather than hate.
Choose to laugh ... rather than cry.
Choose to create ... rather than destroy.
Choose to persevere ... rather than quit.
Choose to praise ... rather than gossip.
Choose to heal ... rather than wound.
Choose to give ... rather than steal.
Choose to act ... rather than procrastinate.
Choose to grow ... rather than rot.
Choose to pray ... rather than curse.
Choose to live ... rather than die

Each new day is a gift from God, and therefore it should be counted as a blessing.


God usually gives us more blessings than we can keep to ourselves so that we have to share in our abundance.

God not only gives people money, food, clothing, shelter, and other things that are necessary for life, but he also gives people talents that they can use to help others and themselves.

Abundance is what you have when the blessings that God gives to you are overflowing so much that you have to share them with someone, because you don't have the means for keeping it all to yourself

There are people in the world though, that do not have enough. I think this is not because the Lord is unjust and likes to see people suffer. It is because the Lord is waiting to see whether or not the people whom he has blessed with abundance are going to share their wealth with them. It really is more blessed to give than to receive.

I love talking about blessings and abundance because it lets me realize just how wonderful my life is. I hope it does the same for you

Together we can count our wealth. Make a list and then study it. Count them again. Tally your assets! Our blessings overflow and sometimes we are unmindful of them, like a child spoiled in luxury. God has bestowed them with generosity and regularity

Count them one by one!

There are so many things we take for granted. Often we dwell on the woes of the day instead of remembering all the blessings.


Never start counting your troubles until you've counted at least a hundred of your blessings. By that time, you probably won't think you have troubles!
from God's Little Devotional Book

Original Blessings
by Robin C. Burns
May soft gentle breezes brush o'er your face,
For each loving touch is God's warm embrace.
May you have enough for all that you need,
And never be hurt by another one's greed.
The Lord keep you safe from terrible things,
And at the end of this life, lift you up on His wings

‘On Ya’ - ma


Hollie said...

Beautiful entry! It makes one stop & think about all their blessings that God has bestowed on them. I am truly blessed! I'll be working all you have a wonderful weekend at the camper :0)

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful thoughts. I need to count my blessings more. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Hugs

Kathy said...

Thank you for reminding me how blessed I really am. It's so easy to take for granted how much we truly have and it never hurts to be reminded of others less fortunate. God has been very good to me and I need to remember the ones who aren't so blessed.

Cindi said...

loving entry...thx for sharing
xoxox said...


You have the best stuff. I enjoy reading and sometimes pass things on that others might find comforting.
Thanks for the decorating link. It is a good one.
Love, Cassie

Kath said...

Thankyou for keep reminding me of the the things I am blessed with.Great posting once again.I love to read your blog.Have a lovely weekend and I hope all your Sons enjoy and have a great Fathers Day.Praying the weather is good to you too.Take Care God Bless Catch you when I return from my holiday,as I may not have time to be online tomorrow..Kath xx

betty said...

I agree with you, Ma, there will always be those that don't have enough, we'll call them the poor, the Lord even said that in the Bible. I think the poor will always be here, just as you said, to see how people treat them and what people do for them.

I loved the list at the top of your entry; I think I would rather praise someone than put them down; all that is good advice