It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 4, Page 14, Book 09



Cheerful thoughts like sunbeams

Lighten up the "darkest fears,"
For when the heart is happy,
There's just no time for tears.
And when the face is smiling,
It's impossible to frown,
And when you are "high-spirited,
"You cannot feel "low-down."
For the nature of our attitude
Toward circumstantial things,
Determines our acceptance
Of the problems that life brings.
And since fear and dread and worry
Cannot help in any way,
It's much healthier and happier
To be cheerful every day.
And if you'll only try it
You will find, without a doubt,
A cheerful attitude's something
No one should be without.
For when the heart is cheerful,
It cannot be filled with fear,
And without fear, the way ahead,
Seems more distinct and clear.
Helen Steiner Rice

Good Morning !
Being agreeable and cheerful under all circumstances is a great blessing. Some people's temperaments just seem more cheerful by nature. Often we refer to these people who are cheerful as having a "sunny" disposition
Cheerfulness has to do with coping; coping with life. Dealing with life and its circumstances; but doing so in a pleasant and positive and a constructive and optimistic way
Cheerfulness involves making a choice. It's a decision about how we're going to deal with life; especially when we're experiencing difficulties and set-backs, or challenges. Making a decision to be cheerful and practicing cheerfulness as a way of life . It is the opposite of brooding, or sullenness, or being irritable, or being discontented, or complaining and grumbling
What's going on inside of us is reflected on the outside; on our faces, and in our body language. A courageous spirit or attitude shows up outwardly; it becomes obvious; a cheerful expression on our face. A merry heart helps us to cope with our circumstances.
It's fascinating to read some of the information about the physical benefits of positive emotions. Take for example, laughter; just laughter, laughter can be a strong painkiller. It can enhance respiration; also stimulate breathing, produces the morphine-like molecules called endorphins, increases the number of disease fighting immune cells in our systems; reduces stress, stimulates the internal organs and improves circulation of the blood. Laughter pumps the heart and muscles of the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and neck. Some believe that a hundred laughs a day is equivalent to the physical benefits of riding a stationary bike for fifteen minutes. That would stimulate us all to read more jokes, wouldn’t it?
Laughter and humor is only one way to practice cheerfulness. We also develop it by learning to smile; by saying something positive or hopeful instead of complaining or grumbling
Another important way is by finding time for recreation and play. Making time, we not only individually benefit by making time for recreation and play, but it's very good for the family unit, for our children, for our mate. We not often benefit personally but we many times help the entire family by doing that.
It's a good to remember that cheerfulness is not just something we do for our own benefit. It's not so that we feel better, but we practice cheerfulness to first of all honor God; to be like Him. Not just something we do for our own benefit. We do it also to make other's lives more pleasant and to strengthen and encourage others too.

‘On Ya’-ma

Mirth is God's medicine.
Everybody ought to bathe in it

Henry Ward Beecher


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Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful advice, as always. Hugs..

Hollie said...

I'm sending you a great big SMILE this morning....:) I hope you have a wonderful day! You are one day closer to the camper! :) Now that's something to smile about! said...

good post, I am a grump in the mornings, I need to work on this..
still raining here..

Rose said...

Great advice.

I'm sort of quiet in the mornings not necessarily grumpy just now awake yet........some people wake up full of meriment.

Hugs, Rose

Jan said...

Great entry ,lots to think about sending a smile and a chuckle your way Jan xx

Anonymous said...

I am not a "talking" person in the morning...until I have moved around a bit...I am a night time person...or afternoon even LOLOL..and I do have a temper...which I have a good hold on most of the time...this is an ongoing chore for me...but I think overall...I am a cheerful person!!!happy day to ya...Ora

Alice said...

Love all the camp site pics. That will make anyone smile :)

Janie said...

We have a new man in assistant living and he is in depression... he does not know God. :( He came for a short time today but only the last 10 minutes. Praying for him. Hope your day was blessed. Janie