It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter 2, Page 13, Book 09

The colors of the rainbow

so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of

people goin' by

I see friends shaking hands saying,

"How do you do"

They're really saying

"I love you."

I hear babies cry,

I watch then grow

They'll learn much more than

I'll ever know;

And I think to myself,

What a wonderful world;

Yes, I think to myself,

What a wonderful world.

Oh yeah!

Louis Armstrong


I know I’ve used this quote before in my journal. It is one of my favorites. I can just hear the song in my head as I read it. Every day is wonderful when we look for the blessings. I do complain about winter as it is so very hard on me but everyday there is something wonderful that happens.

Yesterday I finally found a table and chair set for my camper deck. This may not sound so wonderful to you, but I’ve been searching for almost a year for one that I liked. You know my camper is on the small side compared to a lot of them and that means my deck is on the small side too. Last camping season I used the old set that DD had. She got a new one and since I didn’t find any thing I liked I used it through the season, but it was on its last leg and we threw it out when we closed up the campers for the winter.

This is a picture of the new set.

The one I got came with only 2 chairs so I’ll need to pick up a couple more along the way. Maybe I’ll find some cute beach chairs to go along with the theme I’ve created at the camper. I will drape some of my beach towels over the chairs just to give them a little color and maybe find a colorful cushion or two to put in them.

I had to order it as they only had one for display in the store and I’ll have to ask DD and her hubby to pick it up for me because it won’t fit in my car. I’m just excited about camping and dreaming about sitting on the deck there at my little place in the woods.

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m not superstitious so it doesn’t matter to me if it’s supposed to be an unlucky day. Usually the 13th is the opposite for me. Any way I’ll try my best to make it a good one! I hope it’s a great one for you too!

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to

love and to work and to play and to look at the stars

Henry Van Dyke

‘On Ya’-ma


Alice said...

Hi Pam. Love the song, too. Your deck chairs/table is so nice and I can see by your snow pics that you would be trying to rush spring just a Not superstitious either :)......

Joann said...

Congrats on finally finding a set that you like... I've been looking for a dining room set for quite awhile, too. One day, I'll find the perfect one. I'm not superstitious about the day either, I know it's going to be a beautiful day today already... there's a nice quiet rain outside, and my son and I will take a drive a little later to pick up a leather jacket he's been eyeing.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Your Deck Chairs are great ~ and I love that song I was singing along as I read it :o) ~ My Grandson was born on Friday 13th so I count it as a very Lucky day ~ Ally x

Sybil said...

Oh my what a lovely table and chair set. I can just see you sitting there, the sun shining down on you with your eyes closed just listning to the lovely sounds around you...the wee birds are chirping away, the bairns are lauhging, there are lovely smells drifting your way from the BBQ...ah summer is almost here..

Oh dear am I still in winter...never mind I was gone somewheer with the sight aand thought of your lovely holiday camp !!

Much Love Sybil xx
Have a lovely day shopping tomorow xx

Celeste said...

I too heard the song as I was reading the words.
The set is cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ma...just reading this blog made me want to go out and buy a camper...and find a spot for it..LOL...spring cannot come too soon...for me anyway...and I know you will enjoy your new deck set every time you sit down on it...glad you found what you wanted...and I am happy to be back blogging..LOL..God Bless...hugs.Ora