It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chapter 12, Page 7, Book 08

The Story of the Christmas Star

The Stars Story

When the great Star shone
From its mighty station
So shepherds, tranced,
Knelt down in the dew,
It was not alone
In its jubilation.
The little stars danced
By the thousands, too.
They danced on high
In that peerless hour,
Till giddy with praising
The Christ child's birth
They reeled from the sky
And fell in a shower,
Burning and blazing,
Down to earth--
Slid in astonished
(But leaning to listen Along the way)
To lodge in a burnished
Pine tree's branches
Where still they, glisten
To this very day.
For if you believe
What pale and shaken
Home returning
Travelers tell,
On Christmas Eve
Those little stars waken
As bright and burning
As when they fell.
Look out of the West
When the year's unwinding,
Perhaps they will dance
And you may see
A pine that is dressed
In light so blinding
It dazzles the glance.
And that will be
The world's first,
merriest Christmas tree.


I’m hoping you can shine like a Christmas star today! We are all stars in our own little way. And the light we shine can help others to shine too.

Stars twinkling in the night always make me want to make a wish. This Christmas is so very different from others we have had and I’m wishing for some very different things as gifts under my tree this year. Material gifts just don’t matter much to me anymore. The things that really count like our faith in God, family, friends and home mean much more.

Just when I think that I’m contented with life and have what I need, things change and I need to start all over again. I guess we are never to old to learn something new. Changes make us more aware and in that awareness new thoughts and ideals come.

May Love, Joy, Peace and goodwill be your gift at Christmas



1 Put aside family disputes or differences, agree to disagree
2 Invite a stranger to your holiday dinner, make them smile
3 Believe in miracles, they are closer than you know
4 Dress up as Santa Clause, or watch The Miracle on 34th Street
5 Kiss someone unexpectedly, and give away lots of hugs
6 Read your children a story, or let them read to you
7 Propose to someone, get married, or send someone flowers
8 Realize how wonderful your life is, and thank your guardian angel
9 Bring someone a Christmas tree, or give a gift to the homeless
10 Decorate your home with memories of Christmas's gone by
11 is a universal love, it promotes laughter and happiness
12 Thank God for this day...after all, it is for Him that we celebrate

For Christmas,

I want to give you something

Easy to exchange...

Good wishes!

‘On Ya’-ma


Jeannette said...

And Mike and I send you our good wishes as well my friend. Beauiful postings, although some family disputes just cannot be put aside.

betty said...

I like all the positive ways to celebrate Christmas, Ma; I think in this day and age people are realizing materialism is not important, family, friends and faith and hope that can only come from the Lord is what really matters; again, a wonderful entry!

enjoy your fine Sunday day :)


Jan said...

That is such a lovely story about the tree ,(where do you find them all ) and your 12 wishes are delightful ,Bless you dear Pam Jan xx

Anonymous said...

We think we need so much, then
something will happen to put things
into their proper perspective. The
greatest gifts are freely given,
and faith, friends and family are
more important than material things. May you cherish and enjoy
the true meaning of the season
and welcome a New Year with hope.

Janie said...

Just trying to stop by a few places and say hello. In my thoughts and prayers. God Bless, Janie

Kathy said...

So beautiful. I wish for you to have peace and love this Christmas. You deserve it.