It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, December 26, 2008

Chapter 12, Page 26, Book 08

THANK You, God, for the beauty
Around me everywhere.
The gentle rain and glistening dew,
The sunshine and the air,
The joyous gift of feeling the soul’s soft,
Whispering voice
That speaks to me from deep within
And makes my heart rejoice.

Helen Steiner Rice


After celebrating Christmas, we often have a let down feeling so my aim now and through the New Year will be to start your day with something positive. I’ve a new Helen Steiner Rice book so there will be one of her poems for you each day for sure.

And I’ve a new Daily Guideposts book that I’ll feature a little reflection from each day. There are many other little books around my table this year and I’m sure I’ll find some things to share with you from those too.

Besides all the things I find on line, I read a lot and am very thankful that my weakening eyes let me continue. My goodness, they do get a work out. I’m on the computer more often than not at work all day and then between the computer and my books at home the only time they are not in use is when I’m sleeping. I do have bifocals that have a special mid section that is made just for computer work. Isn’t it wonderful what modern science has come up with.


Let us not be weary I well doing,
for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not

Galatians 6:9

School is boring, No more school.

This came from Maggie who is an effervescent child that is bright, kind hearted and well behaved in school. One of the lessons Maggie has learned is that every day isn’t going to be filled with excitement no matter where she is going to be.

It’s a lesson I’m constantly working on myself. Some how the best I can give is the small but necessary task, no matter how boring it is.

Lord, help Maggie and me to face all the tasks
You give us with a Cheerful heart.

Story shortened just a bit from Daily Guideposts 2009

The new year, like a new born child,

is placed in our hands as the old year

passes away. The days and weeks to come

are God's gift; they carry God's blessing.

As a blessing we welcome them.

Our hope for the year ending is that all

that was good in it remain with us an

all that was harmful be left behind

‘On Ya’-ma


Kathy said...

Lovely sentiments. I enjoyed your family pictures from your Christmas celebration.

Hollie said...

Thanks for such an uplifting & inspiring entry! I know each time I come to your blog I will leave feeling refreshed. Thanks for that!!

Joan said...

Glad your glasses work well on the PC I used to have a bit of bother before I got my lop top when I used a desk top my neck used to get awful sore. Look forward to you poem from your new book. Love Joan

betty said...

it is neat that we have all these modern inventions to make it easier to deal with getting older; I for one am glad for my transitional lenses (a fancy name for bifocals)

looking forward to reading the insprational stories from Guideposts and Helen Steiner Rice in these coming days


Joann said...

Great family pics!! Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Sandra said...

Isn't Christmas wonderful getting all the extra hugs and kisses.... We got a rain guage that is wireless where you put the container outside and read how much rain you get inside..... isn't that something.... so many new things being invented these days its hard to keep up.

Chrissie a.k.a. HoneyB said...

I look forward to something good in 2009. I enjoy reading your journal and thanks for sharing all that you read.
Take care, Chrissie

Linda said...

I have the 2009 Daily guideposts book too. I am really looking forward to getting into it this year. I have started reading my Bible daily also. It is bringing me alot of comfort and I hope to be able to start sharing that also. Linda

Linda :) said...

Keep the inspirations coming... Christmas ended a bit too quickly and I'm trying not to come crashing down the other side, lol... Enjoying my evening off with a movie and then a whole day off tomorrow to reflect on the festivities and eat chocolate, lol..
Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

fOh is nice to know I can get a quick pick me up from your are sweet to think of us all with your words of wisdom!! God Bless your New Year...hugs..Ora