It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chapter 11, Page 8, Book 08

Years wrinkle the skin
but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
Douglas MacArthur
It is hard to be enthusiastic during the month of November. Many find this month long and dreary. With darkness falling earlier each evening it’s not easy to be upbeat all the time. The word enthusiasm comes from the ancient Greek word “En” + “Theos”, meaning inspired by God. So a great starting place is to pray to God for some inspiration. We’re not looking for a fireworks display but for an ability to be enthusiastic about the many little things and jobs we do each day. Collectively these make up a fine collection of which we can be very proud of. We sometimes wait for something big to happen when in fact it is often happening quietly all around us

From one of my morning meditations


Our one bright spot in the month of November is our Thanksgiving celebration here in the USA. This year it falls on Thursday, November 27th. In my journal this month I’ve tried to stick to the topic of what I’m thankful for and other Thanksgiving tidbits. The weekend following Thanksgiving we get right into the Advent Season. 4 weeks of preparation for Christmas and then for us it is Christmas! So for two months I’ll be inspired and have lots to write about. After that the only words you may hear from me will be BRRRCHILL, It’s snowing, I’m shoveling snow, and when will Spring get here?

Being enthusiastic about something does make a difference. I know there will be times I’ll need some divine intervention when I try to give you some good thoughts to start you day on a cold winter morning.

Today I’m thankful for a holiday to celebrate during cold, wet, dreary days.

We thank God for a job to pay for our food--thousands are out of work. We thank God for a warm home and a table to eat at-the homeless live out of their cars at the park.

Thank you God, for the gifts you've given which I have no inherent right to. Make me genuinely grateful. Amen


Enter into his gates with thanksgiving,and into his courts with praise.
Be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting;
and his truth endures to all generations.

Psalm 100:4-5

‘On Ya’ – ma

The Pillsbury Doughboy® has that endearing quality that when you poke him he doesn't flare up but automatically responds with a friendly, perky, "Oh!" I want to be like him. Not so plump, mind you, but that full of friendliness. When someone pokes me I want my first instinct to be thankfulness rather than anger. I want people to find thankfulness oozing out of me. I want thanksgiving to mark my conversation and manner. I want to abound with it, be full of it. I want to overflow with thankfulness


Jenny said...

I think we have more of a tendency to moan and whinge in the UK. Being thankful doesn't come naturally. Have a blessed weekend.
Jenny <><

Kathy said...

Thank you for reminding me to be more grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Joan said...

I do try to be thankful for what we have the only thing I moan about is the weather it can be dreadful here we get little summer some years but always get a long winter. Will try harder. Love Joan

Ally Lifewithally said...

We have so many things to be grateful for ~ thanks for the reminder ~ Ally x

betty said...

so neat that Thanksgiving is in the month of November when we might not have something to look forward to other than dreary days; at least we can remember that we have soooo much to be thankful for every single day of this month and every month of our lives; thank you for reminding us of it this precious month of November


Janie said...

One thing that I really enjoy since my hubby retired is him letting the little miniature horses out in their stalls. I had to take turns with them leading them across the yard. Speedy Moon had me on the ground one morning. I now get to drink my coffee before getting dressed. Use to turn on the coffee pot, let the miniatures out, pour a cup of coffed and take the dogs to the field... and hide behind a big ceddar tree and sip my coffee. lol Thank you for sharing. God Bless, Janie

Linda :) said...

Have a blessed Sunday and Fare thee well..... :)

Linda said...

I'm checking back in with your blog!
Thank you for reminding us to be thankful...we came home to see that they did no work on our house the 10 days we were gone. I needed to see your entry thank you so much for writing it!!

Love & Pooh Hugs,