It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chapter 11, Page 18, Book 08

Thankful is a very personal word with a very personal meaning. To one, thankful means having food on the table and a roof under which to sleep. To another, thankful means living in a mansion with a view of the universe. And to another, thankful means surviving another day in a war zone. While the people in these three examples lead vastly different lives, each has equal access to happiness.

Here are some tips on remembering to be thankful

Have a good time, enjoy life more often

Slow down and you'll recognize there’s something fresh about this moment

There are moments to think and work and earn. But there must be moments to lay down your arms, chill out, and enjoy

For many this year's Thanksgiving celebration will be a return to a simpler, less materialistic time. People are going back to remembering what they used to be thankful for, when they were thankful to have a place to live, thankful for a family. It's a return to simpler things


It’s beginning to look like winter here. We now have snow on the ground and it is cold out. BrrrChill! You’ll hear me saying that a lot now. It’s supposed to be TERRIFIC Tuesday, but I’ve yet to find anything more spectacular about Tuesday other than it is usually better than my Mondays.

My boss has ordered Turkeys for those that want them for Thanksgiving. We had a choice of a gift certificate or the Turkey and since I’m going away this year, I took the gift certificate. It’s really generous of him to do this for all the employees. We don’t do any holiday parties at work but he gives a gift at Thanksgiving and at Christmas.

I’m layered up today and have my good warm boots on too so I’m all set to greet winter when I step out the door. I’m so very thankful for my boots.

I owe, I owe,
It’s off to work I go…


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann
‘On Ya’-ma


Hollie said...

Simple sounds good to me. You'll have to take some pictures of the snow for us sometime. Where I live we don't get much snow, & when we do it's a treat.

Jeannette said...

Lovely entry as always. It is supposed to turn bitterly cold here at the weekend. Just what I needed for my appointment the Monday after! That is very good of your boss.

Joan said...

Thank you again for the award it was so kind of you to think of me. Take care on snowy roads and keep warm its not bad here today very unseasonable 50 degrees at noon. Cold coming. Love Joan.

Jan said...

Dear Pam thankyou so much for my award ,keep warm and keep safe ..loveya Jan xx

Jan said...

How honoured I am to receive this award from you .Thankyou soooooooooo much ,keep warm keep safe Jan xx

Cindi said...

Stay warm, hope your day goes well @ work!

Alice said...

How I wish everyone could/would enjoy a simpler lifestyle. Well, you should have no trouble "chilling out" where you are. Enjoy much as possible :)....

Jenny said...

How good of your boss to provide Turkeys or a gift. I get a tin of sweets for Christmas. Please keep your snow over there i don't like the sliding all over the place.
Jenny <><

Kathy said...

What a lovely post. I think it is good that your boss is giving out turkeys for Thanksgiving. Especially since so many businesses are giving out pink slips. Stay warm and drive carefully my dear. Have a good day.

Sandra said...

yes we are thankful everyday here.... so far the bad economy is not affecting us..... hope it gets better for everyone soon. We got a little snow that stayed overnight but its sunny today so its gone even if it is 31 now

Anonymous said...

Stay warm, glad you have a good pair of snow boots. I definately need to stop worrying, and be more thankful and enjoy life more.
Good Post today..I am wearing my heavy coat today for the first time, so you know it is cold here too.


betty said...

so nice of your employer to honor his employees in this way; nice to feel appreciated I'm sure

so true simple celebrations this year; in light of all the fires around here and people losing their homes, those that didn't should just feel thankful on that basis alone and reach out to help those who lost it all

stay warm if you can; I remember those days so well; I remained cold from October until June when we lived in Montana


Linda said...

I had to come back in the house this morning and get my scarf and gloves, I had no idea it was going to be that cold! Linda

Pat said...

A simple life is a good life.
I often divide life into 2 stages,
just for fun, telling my boys
about life before plastic and
life after plastic. I can remember when most things were
made from natural things or glass
and metal. They seem to think I
was one of the Flintstones!
I definitely do not long to return to the Ice Age. Br-r-r. Pat

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I also took the gift certificate option this year. Almost that time to go get the goodies! One more week to go!