It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter 11, Page 14, Book 08

Live today like it matters. Because it does.
There are people you'll never even know who will be influenced by what you do today. So give this day your attention, your love, your very best.
There are ways that you cannot now imagine in which your own life will be influenced by the way you live this day. So live it with integrity, enthusiasm and an eye for the positive possibilities.

The world in which you live will be affected by the way you make use of this day. So fill your moments with thankfulness, imagination and joy.
Today matters, and right now you have the chance to make it matter in a most positive and fulfilling way. Today is the day when your life is lived, and many things in your life will be determined by what you do with today.
If you take this whole day for granted, it will leave you with nothing but regret. Yet it does not have to be that way. Live today like it matters, for now is when you truly can.

Ralph Marston

So often, we wait for our "best days" without realizing that "today is our best day". Or we say, "when I get this", or, "if only this", or, "when I have more money, I will", and we forget to live every day, enjoying today


As we get older, we need to remember this saying and enjoy each and every day.

Keep your child like attitude of "living each moment to its fullest"
Many days are routine and non eventful for me, but that’s not to say they weren’t good days.

Ordinary days are blessings. They give us the opportunity to enjoy things that we couldn’t if we had lots to do or if something important was going on.

Today I’m very thankful for ‘ordinary’ days.



1. Be present. Instead of having your mind elsewhere, bring yourself back to now, in this moment, focused on where you are and what you’re doing and who you’re with

2. Do less. Have a full schedule today? Cut it in half. You don’t need to do everything on that list

3. Get one important thing done. As I said in the previous point, do less but do more important things. When I say important, I mean things that will have a huge impact on your life (personally or career wise) over the long run.

4. Plan that perfect life, and then plan the first few steps you need to take to get there. Now schedule those first steps over the next week, including one today. It feels amazing to start taking action on making your life the way you want it to be

5. Declutter. Even if it’s just a little space — say a drawer or a shelf — decluttering an area of your life can have a wonderful effect on your mood and happiness level

6. Go for a walk. That movement, and the fresh outdoor air, will have a great effect on your day. And even better: take a few minutes to enjoy the nature around you as you go for your walk. Clear your head

7. Focus on 3 projects. Focus on getting them to completion, to the exclusion of all other projects. Do that today. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish.

8. Listen to great music. Whatever music gets you going, jam it on your iPod or car radio. Or while you work

9. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Trite? Yes, definitely. But does it work? Yes, definitely. I took the time to enjoy the sunset on my way home today. Mmmmm. It was lovely. It just fills me with warmth. Sunrises are even more beautifuller!

10. Spend time with a loved one. Even if you don’t have a spouse or kids, there’s someone in your life that you value … make time out of your day today to spend time with them … and not just to watch TV, but to actually be with them, talk with them, bond with them. It works

Even the hard times can work into God's perfect plan for your life. Cast your care, and be a thankful person. Take inventory each day of what you have instead of counting up all the things that you have not

‘On Ya’- ma


Unknown said...

Ordinary days are blessings

How I agree with that! Anyday that passes peacefully is a blessing

Jeannette said...

Every day is a blessing, more so when you get older. Have a lovely weekend my dear friend.

Alice said...

Ordinary days suit me just fine. I know I should visit neighbors more but none of us do that much anymore. Have a great day :).....

Kathy said...

Yes, ordinary days are good days. Thank you for reminding me of how simple things are blessings in disguise. Need to check in on my elderly neighbor too. Have a great weekend.

Janie said...

Great reading about today. Boy do I need to declutter. lol On the way to eat with friends yesterday evening we saw the moon come up. It was beautiful and the other 2 couples saw it too. Hope you have a great Friday and great weekend. I have to go get broth and noodles for dinner at the church this Sunday. God Bless, Janie

Jan said...

What a marvelous entry today ,lots to think about ,but yes ordinary days are special too Jan xx

Sandra said...

I hope you are having a good ordinary day today... Iam. Im thankful for the sun being out half the day today. :)

Sandra said...

Hi Pam, hope you are having a nice ordinary day today too. Im thankful the sun came out today for at least half the day

betty said...

I liked those 10 points for ordinary days! something to think about for a long time; each day we need to remember is a blessing from the Lord :)

enjoy your weekend