It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chapter 11, Page 10, Book 08

A Little Story for you this morning...
One Thanksgiving season a family was seated around their table, looking at the annual holiday bird. From the oldest to the youngest, they were to express their praise. When they came to the 5-year-old in the family, he began by looking at the turkey and expressing his thanks to the turkey, saying although he had not tasted it he knew it would be good.
After that rather novel expression of thanksgiving, he began with a more predictable line of credits, thanking his mother for cooking the turkey and his father for buying the turkey. But then he went beyond that. He joined together a whole hidden multitude of benefactors, linking them with cause and effect. He said, "I thank you for the checker at the grocery store who checked out the turkey. I thank you for the grocery store people who put it on the shelf. I thank you for the farmer who made it fat. I thank you for the man who made the feed. I thank you for those who brought the turkey to the store." Using his Columbo-like little mind, he traced the turkey all the way from its origin to his plate.
And then at the end he solemnly said "Did I leave anybody out?" His 2-year-older brother, embarrassed by all those proceedings, said, "God." Solemnly and without being flustered at all, the 5-year-old said, "I was about to get to him."
Well, isn't that the question about which we ought to think at Thanksgiving time? Are we really going to get to Him this Thanksgiving?


I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for another new week. I also hope that you are not getting tired of all the things about Thanksgiving that I have in my entries right now. There is just so much to share with you about being thankful and Thanksgiving Day that I’ll be doing more of it .

The weekend flew by as always and Monday’s come so fast. This will be one boring day at work as I had to do my Monday payroll on Friday. I never know though, maybe something will come up and it’ll turn out to be better than I’m anticipating.

My job is probably one of the easier ones I’ve ever had. I enjoy the work and having an office all to myself, but sometimes the days drag by for lack of anything to do.

It got down below freezing last night so today I’ll be bundled up for sure.

I owe , I owe…
It’s off to work I go


Thanksgiving is...

a time of gratitude to God,our Creator and Provider,

whose guidance and carego before us...

and whose love is with us forever.

Thanksgiving is a timeto reflect on the changes,

to remember that we, too,grow and change

from one season of life to another.

Thanksgiving is a timeof changing seasons,

when leaves turn golden in Autumn's wake

and apples are crisp

in the first chill breezes of fall.

Let us remember the true meaningof Thanksgiving.

As we see the beautyof Autumn,

let us acknowledge the many blessingswhich are ours...

let us think of our families and friends..

and let us give thanks in our hearts.

‘On Ya’- ma


Unknown said...

nice entry even although Thanksgiving has nothing to do with us......

Jeannette said...

Hope your day is not too boring. We do not have Thanksgiving as you know but I very much enjoyed the little story.

Joyce said...

Loved your little Thanksgiving story...and happy you had a nice weekend...and you truly love your job....all are good plus things..hugs and love,

Kathy said...

I liked your story about Thanksgiving. I hope you don't have a boring day at work today. Just enough to do so you don't feel overwhelmed and still have time to think of what you'll do after work. Have a wonderful week and stay bundled up and warm.

Lainey Laine said...

Yes I hate Mondays too - where did that weekend go. I do love the story you told. Laine xx

Joan said...

I love hearing all about your Thanksgiving and I liked the story with the little boy. Now I know how you are so quick to comment during the day....... Love Joan.

Alice said...

Hope you have a nice day at work. Maybe you could take a good book to work for times it gets boring :)...

betty said...

I won't get tired of your thanksgiving entries Ma; I think its wonderful you are featuring them this whole month! Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday seems to get not much attention these days between Halloween/Christmas; nice to see it being "honored" here on your journal! I liked that story about the little boy/turkey; we do need to thank the Lord every day,not just on Thanksgiving :)

enjoy your day


Hollie said...

What a beautiful entry!

Jenny said...

Mondays is my day off, but i am off all this week. Last holiday this year. I enjoyed the story, i don't think God gets enough thanks on the whole.
Jenny <><

Joann said...

I loved your Thanksgiving story!! Nice entry, good reminder about keeping God in mind for Thanks!!


Linda said...

I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday! Thank you for sharing the many skip right over from Halloween to Christmas.

Hope your day hasn't been to boring!

Pooh Hugs,

Janie said...

Hope that work goes well for you. I am running so behind on comments. I think I am keeping track the wrong way. hehe You are in my thoughts and prayers even when I get behind in comments. Blessings, Janie