It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chapter 10, page 7, Book 08

As you choose the way you will live this day, remember this.
Accomplishment is truly a joy that's
worth experiencing over and over again.
The joy of accomplishment is in the doing.
There is nothing that can match the feeling
of knowing that you are making a difference.
Working to get something done enables you
to discover and develop your own unique strengths.
It is a highly fulfilling way to spend your time.

Accomplishment never gets old or tiresome.
For each accomplishment opens the door
to a whole new level of exciting possibilities.
Right now, there are all kinds of things that
can be done to add value to your world.
Decide to be the person who will step forward to do them.
Though the outer rewards of accomplishment are many,
accomplishment is also its own reward.
Choose today to make the effort,
to persist with purpose and commitment,
and know the special joy that accomplishment brings.

Ralph Marston

Enjoying the rewards of accomplishment is something I strive for every day. If I can accomplish another day of work, I can enjoy the perks in my life like camping, some new clothes, gas for my car, and being able to buy gifts for my family. I consider working a way to make my life more enjoyable for sure.
Some times however, I begin to wonder if the benefits I receive out way the work I do. Then I think about what I couldn’t do if I weren’t working and continue to go off to work each day. I’m sure we all receive some degree of fulfillment when we accomplish any task. The main thing is to do something that will benefit you, so you have those rewards to look forward to. It makes any job much easier.

Monday did seem to go on and on forever, but I got the work done that was needed by the end of the day. I got out at lunch time and rewarded my self with some new books to read. I always check out the new top 10 best sellers and today I lucked out and found 3 that I will enjoy reading.

Books are another perk that I so enjoy. Of course I know that if I wasn’t working I could go to our Public Library and check them out, but it’s nice to be able to buy them for my self.

I always try to remember to that what ever I do deserves the best of what I can do and even if it takes more time, it is well worth it. Our accomplishments are right out there for any one to see. Hopefully they’ll only see good things.


Give your life direction – set some goals,
design your own life's roadmap,
have the courage and confidence to move
past whatever obstacles and problems block your way.

Remember, life stands still for no one.
If we're not moving forward,
we most assuredly are falling behind.
And perhaps most importantly,
don't forget to enjoy the journey itself.

Happiness and fulfillment are meant
to be found along the way,
not some prize to be had at the journey's end

T.W. Winslow

‘On Ya’ - ma


Joan said...

Good Morning what would life be without books I like you would be lost there is nothing like a really good book. I dod a book blog with a small review on what I read maybe you would be interested. Have a good Tuesday.

Cindi said...

I havenet been to the library in months...nor bought a book...I think I'm pass due...have a wonderful day

Kath said...

Reading is not one of my favourite pastimes but I do enjoy a good Autobiography now and again.Still other hobbies keep me busy enough.I agree with the point of when one works we are able to buy more.When I worked from a girl of fourteen. My father used to say Pay your dues first and then spend a shilling and save a shilling and now almost fifty yrs on and a 62yr old pensioner I am enjoying a little flutter now and again with the shillings I saved LOL!!I am happy I came here tonight as I have had a terrible exhausting day and your words have inspired me once again.THANKYOU.Have a lovely evening I hope you enjoy your new books .Take Care God Bless Kath

Sandra said...

I just ordered a couple of new books too.... they should be here before I finish reading the one Im reading now..... Im glad my eyes are still good enough to read.... I count my blessings daily

Sherry said...

oh ma what a great entry I loved it , sending you hugs

betty said...

so glad you found a way to make Monday a good day by getting some new books to read!!!


Beth said...

Any day you can find a good book is a great day!


Anonymous said...


Welcome committee here lol!

I just thought that I would welcome you to I too was once a AOL JLANDER but left in July before all this went down with AOL

I find it sad but.. I think AOL has gone way down hill since I was on AOL from 2002 to 2007.

Anyways welcome to the neighborhood!

~ Christopher ~

Joyce said...

I love to get things done me a good feeling like it does you. Hope your week goes well...hugs and love,

Hollie said...

I love a good book!

Janie said...

Sure hope that your week goes a little easier for you the rest of the week. I like to read but that is all I want to do. :) It is worse than the computer, can you believe that? lol Glad you found some books for they will be a nice item when the snow is blowing. Blessings, Janie