It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 10, Page 19, Book 08

This is our last campfire for this camping season. The boys loaded the wood on as it was very cold and we knew it would be the last one til next Spring.
Here is the tree I've been taking a picture of right along so you can see the changes it has made from summer into fall.

Here is DDIL#1, DD, Our Sweetheart, Our Prince Charming and our Princess when we arrived at the Amish grocery store on Saturday

I thought you might like to see an Amish horse and buggy. It was parked by the store where they having a special place to park your buggy.

Sunset Saturday night was a beautiful one

Lots and lots of leaves fell this week and there are lots more to come down yet.

DS#1 took his leaf blower and blew alot of leaves away from our campers, but come Spring our Campsites will again be covered with leaves when we return.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing

That’s why we recommend it daily

Zig Ziglar


I’m home and pretty tired out. No rest for me this weekend. Oh, I did sleep just fine but packing up and carting home a car load full of stuff from the camper and then unloading it all again when I got home was a lot of work for me.
I got the camper about halfway scrubbed down inside and have another carload of things to bring home next week. I’ll go for just the day on Saturday, then all will be closed up and winterized til next Spring.
This evening I've still lots to do as it is 'Back to Work' tomorrow.
I'll see you in the morning !
'On Ya' - ma


Beth said...

That's quite a bonfire! Sounds like it was needed, though, and I believe it, as it's been very cool here in the evening.

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Beth

Cindi said...

Rest up...what a wonderful way to spend your warmer seasons...I look forward to next yr...

betty said...

looks like a wonderful last weekend of camping this summer; that was a neat bonfire and sunset picture!

before you know it, it will be spring


Hollie said...

It's sad that the season has ended, but just think of all the wonderful memories. They will get you through until Spring!


Loved the photos!!!

Linda said...

It sounds, and looks, like you had an awesome last weekend! How wonderful that you have another summer full of memories for your family to always treasure...those are the things that count the most in life.

Now rest up from all your hard work!!

Pooh Hugs,

Janie said...

Hope you get things done with ease. Sorry I haven't felt well so haven't done much commenting. Hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, Janie

Joan said...

What a super bonfire did you have a barbie too. Pictures are lovely seeing the Amish horse and cart reminded me of the movie The Witness. Take it easy if you can. Love Joan.

Robin said...

Great pictures and boy what a fire! I'd love to cozy up to those flames.