It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chapter 10, Page 14, Book 08


Author Unknown

There was once an elderly, despondent woman in a nursing home. She wouldn't speak to anyone or request anything. She merely existed - rocking in her creaky old rocking chair.The old woman didn't have many visitors.
But every couple mornings, a concerned and wise young nurse would go into her room. She didn't try to speak or ask questions of the old lady. She simply pulled up another rocking chair beside the old woman and rocked with her.
Weeks or months later, the old woman finally spoke.'Thank you,' she said.

Thank you for rocking with me


So often it is the little things that count. At times companionship can mean more to us than gifts or money. Being the only person at my house has taught me the value of that for sure. When I had a growing family and was busy with them most every second of the day I used to dream of some time to myself. Now I dream about when the next family celebration will be so I can be with my children and their children.

Older people, well, older than myself; often tend to be shut- ins. Often they have no choice due to circumstances. They may not be able to drive themselves places or have the resources to go out much and just like in the poem above, there are many just biding their time in nursing homes. I read in an article that many are being taken advantage of by scammers and such. We need to be aware of our neighbors and friends living on their own and check up on them now and then. A kind word or two can mean an awful lot to them.

We had another beautiful summer like day on Monday and today should quite warm too. It does seem as though we are having our Indian Summer here in northern Ohio. The weather man says that it will be much cooler by the weekend. I’ll be dressing in my layers at the campground for sure.

All week long I’m a day ahead of myself at work. Since I have Friday off I suppose that’s a good thing but it does seem a little strange. Added to that is the fact that there really isn’t a whole lot to do anyway so even though it’s a short work week, the time will pass by slowly. I’d rather be busy.

For me it will be another ‘trip to the beach’ kind of day!


If someone listens, or stretches out a hand, or whispers a word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a lonely person, extraordinary things begin to happen.

Loretta Girzartis

‘ON YA’ - ma


Jeannette said...

Caught up with you at last, had lost track. Beautiful posting as always. I loved the story of the old woman and the rocking chair.

Hollie said...

That was beautiful...I loved the story about the old woman in the rocking chair. Have a wonderful day!

Kathy said...

That was beautiful. I have an elderly neighbor who lives alone and I try to keep her involved with us so she isn't alone. This will give me an added push to include her more often so she never feels alone. Thank you for the reminder...Kathy

Joan said...

Lovely posting as usual love reading your blog in the morning. Yes it is very quiet after the family are up and away.Love Joan.

Linda said...

Glad to hear you have friday off! I will be leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning so I will be off work for a week! I am so looking forward to it! Linda

Jan said...

What a lovely understanding nurse that was ,and yes who would have thought when we were so busy brining up our big familys we would be looking back so wistfully ,at least we do get to see them when possible we are blessed really Jan xxhipo

Janie said...

Sorry, I have been getting behind in my comments. Sick today and really don't feel good at all. Your entry reminded me that I need to call a friend today. Sure you will have a great weekend. Blessings, Janie

Sandra said...

I too loved that story.... what a wonderful caregiver she is

Cindi said...

love the story...nice

Bookncoffee said...

Oh my goodness. I am sorry. I lost you. I was following another of your blogs that didn't have comments set up. lol Somehow I wasn't following this one but I'm now so you will show up in my dashboard with your entries now. And then when I update my bloglist you will show on my own blog. woo hoo..

Anonymous said...

Have a great Tuesday.

betty said...

totally agree with you to look around for those that are alone and lonely; a kind word a little visit with a small gift of flowers would brighten their days so much; such wise advice


Kath said...

So true when family are grown and left us.I too look forward to seeeing mine.Not often even though I am closer now,but it does make all that differance as one gets older.Like you I spend many hours alone and a good morning and just a few words makes my day.Love the story of the old lady and I hope you have a lovely evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Unknown said...

Just LOVE your journals, love you as well. I have never read something you write without learning something. I read the story about the woman in the rocking chair not long ago. Those are the kinds of stories that one never forgets.

Lori J said...

Well Pam I can see that my time on the computer is going to increase as I read your words...such a blessing....I MUST ask the Lord to help me in this area as I have soon discovered I am becoming a computer addict.
As a young girl I loved having Penpals but this is so much quicker and the scope of friends grows so quick.
Take care and again the Lord bless you and keep you and may His countenance shine upon you.

Lori from Alberta

Linda :) said...

We're looking at 90 on Friday or so.....
and I'm still at the stage where I am looking forward to my quiet days, lol....