It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chapter 10, Page 1, Book 08

Chapter 10, Page 1, Book 08

The seasons bring change
So that every one can see
How amazing and how surprising
Is this gift called life.

When we lose one blessing, another is often,
most unexpectedly, given in its place
C.S. Lewis

The Angel of October rejoices as we reap the harvest
of what we have sown in life.

October is a good time to step back from our projects and our dreams
and to take a hard look at what we have actually accomplished.

The October angel helps us to be honest and objective about what is good and what is not. With this help, we can face clearly the consequences of our choices over these past seasons.

We will taste our harvest and reject what is bitter or unripe; we will make note of what worked and what did not, and we will change for the better.

October's angel teaches us that the greatest fruit of our personal harvest is in understanding ourselves.

The Pace That Passes Understanding (excerpt)

Autumn is not a time designed for speed;
After the summer's careful ripening,
Moments of quiet are the spirit's need
And time to listen when the wood sprites sing,
Time to absorb the beauty and take home
Something to hold of blue October skies,
Gold leaves to hoard for days we cannot roam. . .
Autumn is timed for little country roads
And hearts attuned to travel at their pace. . . .
And is an extra hour too much to spend
With all the countryside aflame with gold,
With rich fulfillment marking summer's end
And fall so soon a tale that has been told?
October woodlands cry for time to wait;
The beauty-wakened heart cries out to share
This wonderland before it is too late,
Before the frosty limbs stand gray and bare.

Mary E. Linton


I’m welcoming a new month and a new theme for my journal today.
The topics I’ve chosen for October all evolve around each other .


We all change from day to day. Our understanding grows as we experience these changes. We often have to accept consequences as part of the changes in our lives. When we have reached an understanding of the changes and understand them we have a great feeling of accomplishment.

Writing in my blogger journal today is an experience I hope to know more about for sure. I am missing my GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE journal so much but have decided not to use it. If I have to change it is now. Hopefully they say our aol journal content will be able to be migrated over here to Blogger.

The words Change, Understanding, Accomplishment and Consequences have all taken on a completely new meaning for me. I’m also adding one more to my list…



Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says:

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Anne Hunningshake

This means that no matter how bad things may seem at the moment, they will change. We pray for courage to keep going in the midst of our hardest and most difficult days. This is something we don’t do on our own. We have the support of family and friends. We have the gentle presence of God in our lives to give us the courage to say, “Yes, I can try again tomorrow.”

‘On Ya’ - ma


EMAW said...

I hope we will be able to change over to our blogger too with our aol. tht is the one nice thing they did

Linda said...

Courage and change. I love those two! Linda

Jeannette said...

Well you certainly know what you are doing. Your journal looks marvellous. Mine will just be basic as I cannot work out how to do anything fancy.

I have changed my blog address, you will find the new one on Jeannette's Jottings aol

Anonymous said...

well I made it over to see you. The first one I have looked at from AOL. You are all so clever it seems to me. maybe one day I will take courage...ut cetainly not till I return on the 27th Oct. after our holiday to South Africa. much love Sybil x

Hollie said...

We are learning to deal with change.... Your journal is beautiful! I'm still a work in progress....

Cindi said...

ok..just trying to figure things out...have a great nite.
cindi said...

looks good..been having some puter problems, but have mine set up too..

Linda said...

This was a perfect entry for right now...courage & change. It was hard to do all of this, but we did...yeah us! :) Your journal looks awesome.

Pooh Hugs,