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Saturday, February 09, 2008

First Sunday of Lent

Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil.

Matthew 4:1


Lent is the imitation of Jesus when He fasted for forty days (Mt 4:2). This fasting was part of Jesus' battle to overcome the temptations of the devil.

One of the main purposes of Lent is to overcome all temptations and doubts about the Father's love for us, His children. It is best to fight this battle now and not to wait for death, fear, tragedy, or pain to challenge our faith in our Father's love. Accept your Father's love this Lent.

Our Christian identity is a choice we affirmed (or which was affirmed for us) at our Baptism. But we must re-affirm that choice again and again in the face of temptation.
It's fitting that the temptation scene in the Gospel is set in the desert. In the Bible, the desert is often a place of testing, of choices. The season of Lent is like a "spiritual desert" where we hope to rediscover our identification with Christ, leading to a renewal of Baptism at Easter. Let our choices this Lent be directed by the example of Jesus in the face of temptation

Lent is a journey whose destination is the renewal of our baptismal promises on Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. Our baptismal promises are the greatest decision a person can make. They are a matter of everlasting life or damnation. To make this greatest decision of our lives or to deepen this commitment (if we have already made it) is the destination of Lent.

This Sunday is the worldwide rite of election where the millions who elect to join the Church by being baptized into Christ on Easter are accepted by the Church.

If the only meaning of life was food, clothes or work, how meaningless it would be. Lent is a wonderful time to remind myself that God’s presence is what gives life meaning. I begin Lent by starting a “give away” box and praying about what I have that could be used by someone in need.

This week do something which indicates you believe that you live not by bread alone but by the word of God revealed to us in the Bible. Read each day's Gospel passage

If we take the time to be quiet and rid ourselves of all the clutter that occupies space in our minds, we can reflect on the daily Bible readings and realize God's presence in our lives.
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