It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Study Notes, Chapter 27 TO LIVE IS CHRIST

My Study Notes : Chapter 27 TO LIVE IS CHRIST

Acts 20: 1-12

Seated in a window was a young man named Eutychus who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on

Acts 20:9

Luke tells us that after leaving Ephesus, Paul traveled through Macedonia and into Greece where he stayed for three months. The Jews again plotted against him as he prepared to travel to Syria, so he took the land route back through Macedonia. Along with Luke, 7 other people went along with Paul

When spending a week in Troas, Paul taught and since he had to leave early the next day, he spoke until Midnight. The room that they met in was filled with many lamps. It was then that the young man fell asleep and fell out the window.

Paul like many teachers felt that what he had learned must be taught. He preached longer than his audience was prepared to listen. Paul was compelled by his love of Christ to speak with energy that knew no bounds. It was then that God had an opportunity to raise the dead.

When the boy fell out of the window Paul ran down the stairs

And threw his arms around Eutychus saying don’t be alarmed he is alive now.

After that he climbed three flights of stairs, broke bread with them and stayed til daylight. No one fell asleep this time.

The moral of the story:

God may bring back to life what man hath put to sleep.

We never know when God might take advantage of a situation for his purpose.

‘On Ya’ -ma

Sunday, August 12, 2007



Today we had our parish festival – aptly named Son Day at the Beach.

Our new pastor gives a very good homily which also includes a lot of what I call ‘Bible ‘ study in it. Information that we may miss if we don’t know a few facts.

He mentioned that the book of Thessalonians was probably the first book written in the New Testament . In that Paul was urging the early Christians not to be lazy. They had stopped doing many things, because they expected Christ to return any day.

The thing is that Christ really did return to us when the Holy Spirit arrived at Pentecost, Christ came to live with each of us. Christ is here with us now. The Kingdom is here now. That is why we need to see Christ in each other. It is why the Church talks about justice so much and it is why we must live as Christ would have us do.

When early Christians were baptized it was usually on the evening of the Sabbath which was Saturday, the celebration of baptism finished on the 8th day which is now known on Sunday. Celebrating the new life in Christ. Christ within us.

Any way all this information just soaks into me like water does a sponge. I realize how more than ever I really need to do the studies so that I can understand more and more what is really being said. If you don’t understand the times the words were written in , some valuable information can be missed or even misinterpreted.

Where did I leave off???

My Study Notes: To Live is Christ

Part VI

The apostle Paul got completed involved. He gave his heart and strength to minister to the flock. He formed deep relationships that would make departures painful. He chose to follow the will of God even when others begged him not to.

We should pray that God will have his will in our life. We need to listen to Him speak to directly to our hearts and minds. To allow his tender touch as we study each lesson. He should be our first priority – Our hearts’ desire.

Acts 19:24-41

You see and hear how this fellow Paul has convinced and led astray large numbers of people here in Ephesus and in practically the whole province of Asia. He says that man made gods are no gods at all.

Acts 19:26

W know that Paul decided to go to Jerusalem and then to Rome. He sent Timothy and Erastus to Macedonia, but he stayed a while longer in Ephesus.

About the time the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power, Paul’s missionary heart began to quicken and draw him elsewhere. The apostle set his sights on a destination unparalleled in his ministry.

Paul’s wisdom told him to go to Rome.

In our study so far Paul was opposed only twice by the Gentiles. The first time occurred in Philippi when Paul cast the demon from the fortune-telling girl. And a silversmith named Demetrius stirred up opposition because the Christian revival was a threat to the income of those who sold idols.

The silver crafts men were making a fortune selling charms and statuettes.

When Paul addressed the crowds he may have sometimes had more courage than sense. He spoke out in behalf of Christianity no matter what. When God gives us good sense, He expects us to use it.

Paul was not only a good teacher and preacher; he was a good discussion leader.

Leaders who are afraid of others disagreeing with them usually don’t leave much room for discussion.

Paul made many good friends. When we started this Journey with Paul, we would have not felt he was very friendly. He obviously had a genuine likable personality as he had friends from every walk of life. Jews, Gentiles, rich and Poor. Aquila and Pricilla did not leave their home and travel with Paul because he was unpleasant.

Even officials of the province were friends of Paul as they loved him enough to beg him not to venture into the theater for his own safety.

Lets’ learn something about judging others. We tend to describe people in brief phrases as he is always funny , she is always so bossy,…God created human beings to be the most complex creatures alive. None of us can be wrapped up in a single phrase.

Paul was unyielding yet he could be persuaded. He could be tough and he could be gracious. He was not so different than the rest of us on any given day.

Paul brought a message of a Messiah sent from God who offers eternal life to every one who believes. We don’t have to be scientists to believe this message rather than to believe in a goddess falling from heaven in the form of a meteor as they had in Ephesus.

God does require faith, we need to believe in Him. He is very believable.

‘On Ya’- ma

There will be more coming soon…

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dear Lord...I've Seen The Light

Dear Lord, I need a word with you
If you have time to spare.

I know that you're quite busy,

My time is also rare.

In fact, that's why I wanted
To talk to you tonight.

I need to explain to you

That I have seen the light.

For so long I have taken
For granted that you knew

My wants and my needs

And my desires too.

Not only that, but peace of mind
And happiness I seek

I'd like to be much stronger

Instead of being weak.

I thought that you would help me
If only I believed.

I waited for you, Lord,

In my time of need.

I'd rush to work each morning.
I'd rush through lunch as well.

I knew I had alot to do;

I had no time to tell

You what was on my mind
Or what I needed now;

In my haste to live my life

I've forgotten to somehow

Make the time to spend with you
And ponder who you are.

I guess I've put you in the closet

Then forgot and closed the door.

I know this sounds so strange
But I just now realize

I've done it without thinking

But now open are my eyes.

How can I expect you to help me
When I don't even stop to say

I love you and make the time

Each day to you to pray?

Lord, thank you for not giving up
On me, I've been so wrong

And now I'm asking you to help me

From now on to be strong;

In remembering what I need to do
And as I open the closet door

I pray that you'll forgive me

And that you will restore

In me the values needed
To be what I should be

And that's to come and talk with you

Much more regularly.

I thank you, Lord, for loving me
Enough to stick around;

You said what I needed to hear

Yet never made a sound.

But that is just your gentle way
That I admire so

And how I want to be some day

But have a long way to go.

I know that I will make it
So long as you are near

And I have nothing in this world

That I will ever fear.

For I have you to lean on
My rock, my Lord, my all;

You're there to help me up again

Whenever I may fall.

I thank you, Lord, for taking
This time to spend with me;

It's more than I deserve,

I've seen the light, you see.

Author Unknown

I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart,

and watch to see what He will say to me.

Habakkuk 2:1

Faith never gives up. It knows that despite appearances, all is well. It can wait without signs or significant indications that God is at work, because it is sure of Him

We must learn to view each delay as if it were “perfectly fine.” Postponements are reasons to pray rather than grow anxious, impatient, and annoyed. They’re opportunities for God to build those imperishable but hard-to-acquire qualities of humility, patience, serenity, and strength. God never says, “Wait awhile,” unless He is planning to do something in our situation—or in us. He waits to be gracious


‘On Ya’ - ma