It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For Those Who Pray For Others

For every single child of God,
there is a secret place,
where we can go to hide and pray,
and seek our Fathers face.

A place where no one else can tread
where no one else can go,
we find there grace and solitude,
and peace for our weary soul.

We fold our hands and close our eyes,
as we kneel before the Lord,
in the closet of our mind we step,
inside and close the door.

We pray according to His will,
and ask in Jesus' name,
we know our Father hears us,
for His Word says just the same.

We ask the Lord to heal the sick,
to bless the broken hearted,
have mercy on the sinners soul,
and peace to the just departed.

We pray "dear Lord please hear my cry!,
I'm praying now for others,
I've never seen or met them but,
they're my sisters and my brothers.

And Lord you know the special need,
that binds their lives today,
please bless them Lord and heal them all,
In Jesus name we pray.

And for the ones unsaved Oh Lord,
we pray a special prayer,
please lead and guide and keep them,
in your tender loving care.

Lord send them Heavens Angels
to soften their hearts of stone,
and give them peace inside Lord,
and save their precious souls.

And for the ones who hate you
with bitterness and disdain,
who curse their very souls Lord,
when they take your name in vain.

We pray Lord please have mercy,
and shower them with grace,
forgive them of their sins Lord,
In Jesus' name we pray.

And Father pave the way for me,
to touch someone today,
to help them come to know you,
in that very special way.

That you loved the world so much you gave,
your Son on the cross to die,
that you wish for no one to perish,
but for all everlasting life.

We pray for the ones who pray for those,
who have a special need,
we ask you Lord to bless them all,
As they pray on bended knee.

In the lives of those they're praying for,
we ask you to provide,
all things the soldiers ask in prayer,
please hear their humble cry.

In Jesus' name we ask today,
according to thy perfect will,
doubting not we now believe
as we give we shall receive.

Thank you father for your Love,
your Mercy and your Grace,
thank you for this time of prayer,
to seek your righteous face.

We praise you Lord and love you,
we glorify your Holy name,
and we thank you Holy Spirit,
we're so joyful that you came.

Now as we go about our way,
let us share the joy you give,
let us sing with happy heart and soul,
within us your Spirit lives.

We ask according to thy will,
In Jesus name we send,
this prayer to you on angels wings,
Amen Oh Lord Amen.

Author Unknown

You all are in my thoughts and prayers,

'On Ya' - ma

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