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Monday, April 09, 2007

My Study Notes: Chapter 23 - TO LIVE IS CHRIST

Because he was a tentmaker as they were,

he stayed and worked with them

Acts 18:3

My Study Notes – To Live is Christ

Chapter 23

Acts 18: 2-24

In Acts 18 we see that Paul stopped off and had a hair cut. This act holds the key to his visit to Corinth. He had a reason for getting a hair cut. He had made a vow.

Numbers 6:1-8 tells about the Nazirite Vow. It was a special vow because it was voluntary and offered to both men and women. Usually they would take this vow when experiencing difficult circumstances or temptation. To be victorious or obedient, they needed extra help from God.

Corinth was a city of incredible depravity. The most significant pagan practice was the cult of Aphrodite. Her followers would worship her with acts of immorality.

The haircut in verse 18 is not the beginning of the vow, but the end. Before he entered Corinth Paul wisely committed himself to the vow of the Nazirite so he could remain consecrated to God.

We are reminded that we are to avoid temptation and when we must face it we can come prepared.

Those who took the Nazirite vow let their hair grow long showing a special devotion to God. Once the need was over, Paul went to get a haircut.

Paul had decided to keep his head straight while in Corinth. He did not want to be enticed into any kind of trouble. He applied a bit of wisdom which offered him protection while he was there.

He was sent some money so he would be free to preach, but he supported himself by a far more typical method – he worked.

Pricilla and Aquila were a couple who were friends and co-workers with the apostle Paul. Paul stayed with them because he was a tent maker as they were.

We’ve seen the human side of Paul, he was not so different from us. He had a job and worked just as we do.

No matter how spiritually devoted to God we may be, I think we all are expected to do our part and not be tempted to depend on the gifts of others for our needs. Every job we do, no matter how big or small is doing the work God intended and we are to do it the very best we can.

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