It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Time Out to Give Thanks!

God, our Father, have mercy on us,
with the same everlasting love that led you to make us like you.

You said that you would make all people in your image and likeness.
And this you did, so that we may share in all that you are.

You give us memory, to remember your gifts,
so that we may tell others about your wonderful deeds.

You teach us about yourself, so that we may share your good news
of Jesus Christ with others.

And you give us the power to make choices,
so that we may freely love you and share in your mercy.

Why did you so honor us?

With love so great that it cannot be imagined, you looked upon us
within your very self,
and you fell in love with us.

So, it was love that caused you to make us and give us life,
just so that we may know you.

Then, see how by our sin we lost the honor you have given us.
But you never leave us, even when we sin.

You search us out with a father's love,
wanting to bring us back to your friendship.

So you gave us your only Son, Jesus Christ,
who became a little child like us.

Any why?
For Love!
You, God, became like us,
and we have been re-made like you.

St. Catherine of Siena

I'll be taking a TIME OUT from the Bible Study and will update this journal with prayers and thoughts until after the New Year. I hope you'll keep checking back as I have lots to post, especially when Advent begins on December 3rd.

May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving !

'On Ya' - ma

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