It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Faith in Action

Faith comes through hearing the message and the message is heard through the Word of Christ.

Romans 10:17

Yesterday we read that faith is an absolute necessity in the life that pleases God.

Today we will take a look at faith in action.

In Acts 27:1 through Acts 28:10 we read about a sea voyage in which Paul, a prisoner, tries to warn those on the ship about an approaching storm.

He told them that they were destined to run aground on some island and
he was told by an angel of the Lord that they would live.

The people refused to listen to him and all but the centurian guarding him, wanted to kill him.

They finally arrived at the island of Malta, and were given a warm welcome

If we compare Acts 27:10 and Acts 27:24 we see that Paul’s feelings were not entirely accurate. Before he heard from God, Paul did not assume that all will go well.

Faith comes from listening.
Paul choose faith. He had steadfast faith in a rocky ride because he listened and responded to God’s word. God is capable of speaking over the wind and the waves. He may calm them as He did for his disciples or lead you through them as He did with Paul.

We should keep listening and take Him at His word.

Deliverance does not always mean ease, it may be simple and painless or we may ‘run aground’ before we reach our destination. Even though we might have overlooked sound advice, He still can show us the miracle of doing what only He can do.

Listen and believe. If we read His word we find that it overflows with promises that are always true and always kept. We must seek His heart to know His will for us. If we don’t hear the message intended for us, we must read and reread His word until the message becomes clear.

A few years ago, I was floundering with what my purpose in life might be. My Husband had died, my children all grew up and left home and I felt like my purpose had been taken away. The message I received ‘strong and clear’ was that I must bloom where I am planted. As I had a computer and knew how to use it, I felt that this was my new purpose – I try to encourage others and demonstrate my faith by my journal writings and a daily newsletter which I e-mail to friends and family. This is my faith in action for our Lord.

‘On Ya’ - ma

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