It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 01, 2005



One afternoon a shopper at the local mall felt the need for a coffee break. She bought herself a little bag of

cookies and put them in her shopping bag. She then got in

line for coffee, found a place to sit at one of the

crowded tables, and then taking the lid off her coffee and

taking out a magazine she began to sip her coffee and

read. Across the table from her a man sat reading a newspaper.

After a minute or two she reached out and took a cookie.

As she did, the man seated across the table reached out

and took one too. This put her off, but she did not say anything.

A few moments later she took another cookie. Once again

the man did so too. Now she was getting a bit upset, but

still she did not say anything.

After having a couple of sips of coffee she once again

took another cookie. So did the man. She was really

upset by this - especially since now only one cookie was

left. Apparently the man also realized that only one

cookie was left. Before she could say anything he took

it, broke it in half, offered half to her, and proceeded

to eat the other half himself. Then he smiled at her and,

putting the paper under his arm, rose and walked off.

Was she steamed. Her coffee break ruined, already

thinking ahead of how she would tell this offense to her

family, she folded her magazine, opened her shopping bag,

and there discovered her own unopened bag of cookies.

I like that story - it makes me think about how well God treats me even when I am not treating him well or thinking all that kindly about him. It also makes me think about how, sometimes, I do not really appreciate what I have or act like I know where it has come from. It serves as a kind of reminder to me - like that reminder in today's old testament reading. There, Moses, after telling the people of Israel how they will prosper in the promised land that they are about to enter, how,after so many years of slavery and then of wandering in thewilderness, they will eat their fill, and have fine houses and large herds, and that their silver and gold will multiply, says:

Do not say to yourself, "my power and the might of my own

hand have gotten me this wealth." But remember the Lord

you God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth,

so that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your

ancestors, and as he swearing to you today.

Chapter eight of Deuteronomy is really one of my favourite chapters of the Old Testament. It speaks so well of what we all know somewhere in our hearts,but often seem to forget in our actions and our attitudes.It speaks of how everything we have is a gift from God,a git worked upon by our hands, most certainly;a gift perhaps even enhanced by our own strength,but a gift none-the -less, for God gives us the hands we need,and God gives us the strength we have.

This reflection was found while surfing the net this morning and I thought you might enjoy it as much as I.

'On Ya' - ma

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I was just reading that chapter tonight at my cabin.