It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Luke - Lesson 8


Luke 12: 22-34

Jesus said to his followers, So I tell you, don't worry about the food you need to live, or about the clothes you need for your body. Life is more than food and more than clothes for your body. Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest, they don't have storerooms or barns, but God feeds them. And you are worth much more than birds. You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it. If you cannot do even the little things, then why worry aobut the big things. Consider how the lilies grow; they don't work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that even Solomon with his riches was not dressed as beautifully as one of these flowers....But seek God's kingdom, and all the other things you need will be given to you...Your heart will be where your treasure is.

When God doesn't do what we want, it's not easy. Never has been . Never will be. But faith is the conviction that God knows more than we do about this life and he will get us through it.

Remember disappointment is caused by unmet expectations. Disappointment is cured by revamped expectations. We need to know that God is still in control. Lifes' mishaps and tragedies are not reasons to bail out, but to sit tight and let God remind us that He is in control.

Whenever we are tempted to be worried, we should pray.

I'm praying lots and lots for all the dear ones in the south that have been devastated by the hurricane . Some of my own children are included in the devastation. At this time they don't know if their home is still there. But they are sitting tight and waiting. The good Lord will provide for them. This we know. This is our faith. They are safe and that's a blessing in its self!

Thank you Lord !

'On Ya' - ma

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