It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Abraham Joshua Heschel

We have been conditioned to think that it is only by our doing that we make a difference. We think we have to show something for our good intentions. Action is a vital part of Christian love, but it has little effect unless there is a quality of be-ing with it.. Sometimes the be-ing part of our care is what others really need. We may feel better if we do something like make a meal or buy a gift, but sometimes someone may simply need us to sit and listen to their concerns.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane he need his diciples to be with him while he prayed. Can we, like the diciples, realize that we do not have to b e doing something in order to share our compassion?

Scripture: Matthew 2:36-46
Then Jesus said to them, I am deeply grieved, even to death, remain here, stay awake with me...Then he came to the disciples and found them sleeping and he said to Peter, So, could you not stay awake with me one hour?
God of compassion,
When I hesitate to be with another, strengthen me
When I question the quality of my presence, assure me
When I want to show my worth through action, humble me
When I miss the needs of the one who suffers, awaken me
When I forget the beauty of a loving presence, remind me
When I run away from the call to be there, bring me back

Remember - Just to be is a blessing

When we are hurt or hurting it is wonderful to have someone come to our aid. Sometimes there is nothing more appreciated than just to have someone sit with us, share a cup of coffee and talk awhile. There have been many times someone has helped me. No one likes to be alone with their troubles.

Today I will be present to another without charging into action.
'On Ya' - ma

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