It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Chapter 11, Page 17, Book 29

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

Rachel Carson

November 17th - thankful for nature

Plant seeds of happiness hope, success and love; it will all come back to you in abundance.  This is the law of nature.

Steve Maraboli

Most of us know that being in nature is very healing.  You don’t need to be a doctor to realize how we feel better when we are outside in nature.

If you have tired eyes from working on the computer all day,  rest  your eyes on something green.

If you are stressed after a long day of work, a walk around a park should do the trick.  

Apart from providing us with food and medicinal herbs, simply being among greenery can revive weary spirits.

There are plenty of ways we can be in harmony with nature, even while in the city. For instance keeping indoor potted plants in our homes or tiny herb gardens on a kitchen window shelf.

I love being outdoors and am thankful I have a safe place to walk and enjoy the beauty of each day.  Just sitting on my sun porch looking out is a beautiful sight for me.  With the large tree in my yard, I get to see the seasons as they pass by each year.  Right now the tree is just about bear and will be hibernating over the winter until it comes back to life in the Spring. 

I’m not much of a fan of winter but it is a part of nature that has much to teach us.  We should be like the trees and take rest after the business of the summer season so that we can progress and grow into the nxxt season.  

There is much to learn and beauty to be found right where you are Each moment is filled with hope, anticipation and joy.  The cold weather makes us appreciate the clothing we need to be warm.  It’s an invitation to hunker down and settle in. To let the fire warm you and the perfect time to enjoy home. 

The snow covers everything, all the mud and dirt and imperfections in our lawns snd makes everything clean and beautiful.  

A seed has to die and be covered up until it can  grow and bloom into a flower.  Take rest and prepare to grow in the spring. That’s my lesson of winter.

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

John Lubbock 


Susie said...

I love nature. Love being out , even in the cold. But I am older now and shoveling driveways wears me out. But I still will do it, only in short shifts. LOL My daughter walks every day that she can. It helps with the stress from her job. She also is a birder and knows much about birds. I think she has always been this way. I am thankful she does it. Walking can help relief stress and clear the cobwebs from our thoughts. Blessings to you, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

Martha said...

My favorites are spending time walking on the beach and just sitting on my back porch watching the birds.

Mevely317 said...

That's interesting about the color green helping relieve stress. Suppose that's why many hospital corridors and waiting rooms are painted in muted shades of green?

NanaDiana said...

I love being outside too. However, I am not a good cold weather person and am not looking forward to the long, dreary 'inside' days. I can't take the cold anymore.
We bought a camper and after I 'play house' it is all outside living. Love it! xo Diana

betty said...

I do enjoy all nature has to offer :) Right now I'm enjoying a gorgeous sunset outside my window :)


jack69 said...

Good advice about hatures healing. That is a fact. Hope you are well and safe. Sendign good thoughts your way from Florida...
Sherry & jack