It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Chapter 9, Page 24, Book 20

You are the only you God madeGod made you and broke the mold.

Max Lucado 

September 24TH - Be yourself

Always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like every else.

Margaret Mead

A reflection from my daily devotions .  Its a reflection that can have meaning for all of us.

You are Special:  

In the entire world ther is nobody just like you. Since the beginning of time there has never been another person like you, Nobody has your smile, your hands, your eyes, your hair.  No one owns your handwriting or your voice, no body can paint your brushstrokes of the canvas of your life.

You are only one in the whole universe who sees things as you do.  Thoughout all eternity no one will ever think or do exactly as you do.  What makes you laugh or cry is unique to you.  You are the only one who hs your particular abilities.

There is always someone who is better at one thing or another.  This is the way life is and if we were all at the same level, life would be boring.  But no one else can match the combination of your talents, your feelings and your special gifts.  This unique combination which you have, when used in harmony is a breutiful symphony.

You are rare.  Like all things rare, your value is beyond price.  Therefore, because of your great value you dont need to imitate anyone else.  You are special and it is no accident that you are.  You should realize that God made you special at this time in history, and in your particular circumstances. for a special purpose.

There is something to be done in this world now that only you can do.  You are special each day and especially special today.

Want to be one of a kind? Be yourself.

Hayley Williams


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Never forget just how special you are !

Mevely317 said...

This is SO good! In fact, it reminds me of a recent Bible study discussion when it was agreed, it's okay to emulate, but don't imitate.
I'm clipping and keeping this!

Martha said...

Well said Ma, you are the most positive person I've ever known :)

Buttercup said...

Value everything unique about you! Many years ago I worked for Margaret Mead. What an amazing woman, and what a fabulous experience.

betty said...

Its great that God made each one of us so unique!! We should just go with that and not try to copycat anyone else :)


jack69 said...

Good stuff. It has taken a long time to know some of the things you wrote. One that hit me was 'Now one sees what you see nor thinks what you think. Ain't that the Gospel?
Enjoyed the read my friend, hope you are well and safe. Life is good.
Love from Florida
Sherry & jack ( we found a couch today! more later!)