It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, September 28, 2018

Chapter 9, Page 28, Book 18

If life were predictable,it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Life’s flavor is is unpredictability.

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.


I’ve been reading a lot about predictions.  The weather is a big topic this time of year  as we wonder what kind of winter is coming our way.  The truth is that winter will be winter, here in northern Ohio, winter is always cold and always snowy.  Some may be a little worse or a little better, but living where I do, it’s always best to be prepared.

I’ve heard many predictions that were way off base and others that were right on the spot.  I try not to put much faith in any of them.  The weather will be what it is, no matter.

Life is no different than the weather.  Not only is it unpredictable, it shows us a new perspective of the world every day.

Susy Kassem

It’s the same with life, it is never predictable.   If you look at the bright side of it, it’s fun that it’s unpredictable.  If we knew what was going to happen in the future, we wouldn’t be as excited to live another day.

We don’t know what will happen in our lives , good or bad.  One moment things are going great, the next moment things are turned upside down.  Life goes on and we just have to make the best of what we have.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Anthony J. D’Angelo


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No matter what the future holds, today is a gift to treasure. We are not certain of tomorrow.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Absolutely. Que sera sera. The weather's gonna do what the weather's gonna do, and what will be will be. Now, if the radar shows a massive storm heading my way, I'm gonna get out of Dodge, but unfortunately, life doesn't give us the same kind of warning. Even so, no point in fretting over what might or might not happen. We have to trust in the future, hope for the best, and do what we can to cope with the rough spots.

betty said...

I think the only thing we can predict is that life will be unpredictable :)


Chatty Crone said...

This week the weather was supposed to be two degrees cooler every day and wind and rain. Guess what - it is hot and sunny! And they have the best weather machines in the state.

Mevely317 said...

Bless Forrest's heart, "... life is like a box of chocolates."