It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Chapter 4, Page 9, Book 17

The journey of life is like a man riding a bicycle. We know he got on the bicycle and started to move. We know that at some point he will stop and get off. We know that if he stops moving and does not get off he will fall off.

William Golding

April 9th - Palm Sunday

The life of man is a journey; a journey that must be traveled, however bad the roads or the accommodation. 

Oliver Goldsmith

Today is Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, which begins Holy Week, a week we focus on Jesus lifted on the cross. It is a solemn time to reflect on our suffering and failings, to empathize with others who hurt and to walk a few steps in the sandals of the Master.

Palm Sunday recalls the fleeting triumph before rejection in the life of Jesus Christ, but it also is a metaphor for the triumphs and rejections in our own lives and the ultimate resurrection.

The people were waving palms and singing hosannas one moment and ready to crucify him the next.  Lesson learned: Don’t let praise remove your focus off what you are called you to do. Not everyone who sings your praise during the good times will be with you when the times get tough.

We too must walk the road of life and there are many lessons to be learned along the way.

It is a road we must all travel .

It helps, I think, to consider ourselves on a very long journey: the main thing is to keep to the faith, to endure, to help each other when we stumble or tire, to weep and press on. 

Mary Caroline Richards


jack69 said...

Good morning. I hope your day is a good one.
I liked the Oliver Goldsmith quote. Again sweet thoughts to help thru the day. Love it.

betty said...

I continue to learn new things on this life I travel. We must never give up on it, even during the tough times. We can learn that from Jesus and the sacrifice he did.


Mevely317 said...

That's a pretty neat metaphor for the triumphs and rejections we all must face.
You're so right about finding out who your friends really are when the going gets tough. I don't think my former hubby ever really got over the hurt; and I know it left me instinctively more skeptical.


GREAT metaphor. And true observation, unfortunately. "Not everyone who sings your praise during the good times will be with you when the times get tough."