It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Chapter 10, Page 4, Book 16

Sometimes life touches one person with a bouquet and another with a thorn bush, but the first may find a wasp in the flowers, and the second may discover roses among the thorns.

 Billy Graham

October 4th - as we give, we receive

Gratitude is a gift to everyone

Gratitude is not born in a vacuum. It is the product of connection to something or some one outside of ourselves. 

In order to have more gratitude we must first 'give it away.'

Gratitude truly is the gift that keeps on giving

Give your gratitude away. Share it. Wrap it in the form of kindness and compassion for others and act accordingly. If you’re grateful for something, state it or, at the least, show it!  Think about the times you have been on the receiving end of a 'thank you' or the recipient of a selfless gift of love, kindness, or respect. We all know great it feels.

Gratitude should never be one way traffic, but a two way street.

Gratitude is a reciprocal relationship that benefits both parties, both the receiver and the giver. So when we give we must do so with a generous and full heart without too much concern about our  reward  because the act of our giving is itself reward enough. 

We all have a choice.  We can either dwell on the ‘ negative ‘ elements of our daily lives and suffer the consequences of ill feeling and resentment that will undoubtedly drain us emotionally, or we can choose to concentrate on the ‘ positive ‘ and receive them as gifts that adorn our lives for the better.

Memorable moment:  I was able to get the right lids for the storage bins I had purchased and got 2 more bins for the lids that didn’t fit.  


betty said...

Glad you fixed the problem with the storage containers. So true how important it is to live a life of gratitude. It is the best way to do so for our well being.


Donna Wood said...

I really like that Billy Graham quote!

jack69 said...

Great quotes and Yep glad you got the lids and bins straightened out.
Being grateful improves your life's meaning.