It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chapter 10, Page 17, Book 16

Just before the death of flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow.

  Author Unknown

October 17th - Indian Summer

Bittersweet October.  The mellow, messy, leaf kicking, perfect pause
between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.

Carol Bishop Hipps

The season of autumn ushers in a feast for the senses, with beautiful scenery, rich scents and changing weather patterns. This time of year is also ripe with wisdom.

There are lessons we can learn from the falling leaves.  Like the leaves when we let go, we create room to move on. When we let go, what comes back to us is twice as beautiful.  Nothing lasts forever, so we should cherish the days as they go by, always with a sense of gratitude.

Everything changes.  Autumn symbolizes transitions, beginnings and endings, is both a sad and happy time. Everyone goes through their seasons of change in different ways.  For example, some trees turn brown, yellow, orange.  It’s not the shape that we take when we are in the process of change, but it is the outcome, the lessons learned and the room we make for growth.

Autumn is a time to observe the wonders of nature and truly embrace the beauty that surrounds us.  The variety of colors that surround us is a reminder that life is just as dynamic. 

The time that we have here is short.  Fall reminds of the fleeting nature of our lives and the things that surround us. As the leaves flutter to the ground, we should think about how our days are numbered and how we can live every day to the fullest.

Memorable Moment:  The energy of grandchildren


jack69 said...

A sweet entry, but the ending is perfect. What a picture to show the energy of kids. Love 'em grand kids. what a statement, Fall a feast for the senses. Hope your down sizing is going well.

betty said...

Wouldn't you love to have some of their energy? Fall can be bittersweet, especially October, that month in between so to speak. A month that still holds at times a touch of summer, but also a touch of the winter ahead.