It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chapter 10, Page 11, Book 16

Recipe For A Miracle

1 cup Tension

2 cups Stress

1 teaspoon of Guilt

2 heaping cups of Limited Time

3/4 tablespoon of Urgency

A dash of 'No Other Choice'

3 heaping cups of Faith

 Fold ingredients gently into a bowl. Mix vigorously and add a few tears. You'll sweat a little as you knead the dough. 

Pack it firmly between your hopes and dreams and form into a perfect little ball.
Sprinkle it with a little faith, rolling the ball in the flour until fully covered.
Place it under a veil of belief and allow it to rise. 
Put it in an oven that has been pre-set at the perfect temperature for the heat of trials and tribulations. 

Allow it to brown under the warmth of God's love. Remove after due season and allow to cool in the confidence of His promise.
Garnish with your praises. Arrange neatly on a platter of thankfulness and serve to friends, families and, oh yes, strangers . . . invite them too!
Pass on the recipe to all who request it and let them know that with this recipe, they have the makings of a miracle!

Author Unknown

October 11th - live your life as if every day is a miracle

The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows, and crimes of humanity, all lie in that one word "love." It is the divine vitality that produces and restores life. To each and every one of us it gives the power of working miracles, if we will

Lydia M. Child

In reality, everything around us is a miracle if only we can learn to see and recognise these miracles.

By living your life as if everything is a miracle, every moment becomes something to savor and live in awe of. You naturally get to feel great appreciation and gratitude for your life, knowing that you are blessed with such miracles all around.

Life is our greatest miracle and gift, and we should appreciate it every day.  Then there is the miracle of Love which is the most amazing thing in our lives. It is what makes us human, what makes life worth living, nothing else truly matters. The size of our homes, bank balances, the speed of our car are all those things pale into insignificance when we face the miracle of love.

See everything around you as the miracle that it really is and your life will never be the same again.

Memorable Moment:  view from the porch 


betty said...

What a pretty view from the porch. I liked that recipe for a miracle and I am enjoying all the scribbles of yours that you are sharing here, Ma. I do similar things at times.


jack69 said...

YOu always have some memorable quotes, but at times, you are the one I quote, today is no different, I will quote this:
By living your life as if everything is a miracle, every moment becomes something to savor and live in awe of*****************
Right on!