It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Chapter 9, Page 8, Book 16

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life

Psalm 23: 6

September 8th - Grace and mercy are unearned blessings.

 Mercy springs from shadow into sunshine, forward with dignity into the open air. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne

 Mercy and grace are often confused. While the terms have similar meanings, grace and mercy are not the same. I’ve sometimes heard the difference between grace and mercy defined this way: Mercy is not getting what you deserve while grace is getting what you do not deserve.

Grace can be seen as an effortless sense of beauty, an elegance of charm, a benevolent sense of attitude or character, a smooth movement, a form or proportion of near perfection, and even a characteristic of refinement. 

 It’s easy to show grace to people who think just like you do, much harder to show grace to those who offend you or with whom you disagree.
Mercy is seen as a disposition to dispense forgiveness or to show great compassion.  It is also defined as the ability to pardon or forgive something of someone that is seen as unforgiveable by others. 

Grace and mercy are not the same thing although they both gifts that come from God.

The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn't have been complete without you. 

Frederick Buechner


betty said...

That is how I have heard mercy and grace descibed too. I am glad God is both merciful and extends grace to us. It is a good reminder for us to mercy and grace to those around us even if we don't agree with what they are doing. That's probably when they need it the most.


peggy said...

I love these little notes. I saved them so I could look at them anytime.

jack69 said...

I'm with Peggy, I like 'em too.
Grace and Mercy are often confused by me, and that is a fact. Thanks.