It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chapter 7, Page 13, Book 16

Remember These Words

Don't let go of hope.
Hope gives you the strength to keep
going when you feel like giving up.

Don't ever quit believing in yourself.
As long as you believe you can,
you will have a reason for trying.

Don't let anyone hold your
happiness in their hands;
hold it in yours, so it will always
be within you reach.

Don't measure success or failure by
material wealth, but by how you feel;
our feelings determine the richness
of our lives.

Don't let bad moments overcome you;
be patient, and they will pass.

Don't hesitate to reach out for help;
we all need it from time to time.

Don't run away from love but towards
love, because it is our deepest joy.

Don't wait for what you want to come to
you; go after it with all that you are,
knowing that life will meet you halfway.

Don't feel like you've lost when plans
and dreams fall short of your hopes.
Anytime you learn something new about
yourself or about life, you have progressed.

Don't do anything that takes away from
your self respect; feeling good about
yourself is essential to feeling good
about life.

Don't ever forget how to laugh or be
too proud to cry.
It is by doing both that we live
life to its fullest.

July 13th -  sometimes we need a reminder

A kiss is just a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one. 

Author Unknown 

We all need a reminder every now and then to help us remember important things.  A a  reminder to fight on, not all who wander are lost, and to always love.

The human memory is an awesome tool, but it isn’t perfect.  We all need gentle reminders now and then, so that we don’t forget what we need to do and where we need to be.  To pick up the laundry, change the water filter, buy new toothpaste.

Because when life gets stressful, we often forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget. 

 Life is short. This is one of the most powerful reminders we can use to make sure we make the most the time we get.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to enjoy the ride, to stay positive and motivated.  Aa reminder to slow down, take a moment and revel in the present.

Some days, we need help.  And some days, we need reminders that we’re doing our best, even if our best feels small and insignificant and totally not what we wish it were.

And some days, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cheesy, ugly sticker. Or a ripped and torn post it note.

Some days, we just need a lift.

Everyone needs reminders that the fact of their being on this earth is important and that each life changes everything.

Marge Kennedy


betty said...

I liked that "Remember These Words". I do agree we need reminders in different things of our lives, reminders of chores that might need to be done, especially if it is not in our usual routine, and especially reminders that even through the darkest times there are always good times to remember and good times ahead.


jack69 said...

We always are making notes of reminder, that is for sure. Good idea to make some notes for our OWN good in life.

Rick Watson said...

I put everything important in my phone with date and time. Remembering is important, no matter how we are prompted to remember.


Love these words. they are important. "Don't ever forget how to laugh or be
too proud to cry."