It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, January 04, 2016

Chapter 1, Page 4, Book 16

January opens
The box of the year
And brings out days
That are bright and clear
And brings out days
That are cold and grey
And shouts, Come see
What I brought today!

Leland B. Jacobs, January  

January 4th - a sweet balanced life

Balancing out the old years appreciation and the new year’s anticipation.  We try to strike a balance with the old and the new.

Whether we realize or not, the new year always brings about a shift in our perspective. And it's simply due to one fact: a calendar date.  For me it’s more about maintaining a balanced life that matters.  

We’ve all heard the old adage that life is a 'balance of mind, body, and spirit.'  Hearing that phrase is one thing.  Living that principle is quite another in our often hectic world.  

Living a balanced sweet life means to live life to the fullest and not miss out on the important things that mean the most.

How sweet it is!

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betty said...

That is so true about a shift in our perspectives from year to year. Always good to remember the past year but to allow ourselves to let some things go and to strive to get all things in balance indeed. First day of work for the new year for so many people and back to school for the kids here. And it is predicted a lot of snow this week :)