It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chapter 10, Page 28, Book 15

Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear. 

Author Unknown

October 28  - warnings mean some changes are needed.

The flashing lights in your rearview mirror catch your eye. Then your heart sinks. A police car is behind you, and signals for you to pull over to the side of the road. As you roll down your window, you are face to face with an officer who demands your identification and informs you that your done something wrong. While he is checking your papers, you fear the worst. Then, with a mixture of authority and kindness, you hear him say the sweetest words, I’m just going to give you a warning. You drive off elated, having promised the officer that you will change your ways and adhere to the speed limit.

Warnings signs are every where.  We have warnings about the speed limits, the food we eat and the clothes we wear.  Around here we have signs to warn us about deer crossings and school zones.  

We have choices to make every day and whether we follow the warning signs or not is our choice.  When we follow some warning signs that our bodies give off and we make changes like exercise and a proper diet, we can make long lasting changes.

Just like the pain of being burned is what warns us to remove our hand from the fire, emotional pain warns us that we need to make an internal change.


When it comes to our relationships with others though, I’ve found that only love will produce long lasting changes.

We get warning signs from people too.  Sometimes they ward us off, shoving away any signs of affection.  They want to be left alone, but very often those are the people that need attention the most.

My coffee maker gives off a blinking light warning me that more water is needed.  There are definitely some warning signs in life we don’t want to ignore.

Life is risky
Love is dangerous
Both are worth it!


betty said...

So true about the warning signs of life; not just the external like stop signs, deer crossing, etc., but the warning signs in a relationship or with others that we might work with etc. I just can't believe we are almost done with October!


jack69 said...

Okaaay MA! This is a good one. A keeper for sure. Yep, warnings all over the place, and in our bodies. YES we do need to pay more attention. Well written and yes, another warning, well stated.
Love from a rainy Florida!

Rick Watson said...

I was looking for something in the pantry this past week and picked the fire extinguisher to move it so I could look behind it. When I glanced at the gauge, it was pointing to "Recharge". That was a warning sign I heeded immediately. I went to my computer and ordered a replacement which arrived a few days later. It would have been easy to blow it off saying, "we've had this 30 years and never used it," Why waste money on a new one? But that was a warning that could save our house...or a life.
Good post.