It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, June 22, 2015

Chapter 6, Page 22, Book 15

It’s Summer Time and the living is...

June 22nd - Summer love

It’s officially now Summer so I thought it must be the time to talk about what I love about summer and give you my summer bucket list.

Sit on the porch in the early AM and the late PM, enjoying coffee or iced tea
Take a walk on a beach, barefoot in the sand
Eat popsicles
Take tons of photos
Picnic in the park
farmers market
watch the sunset
spend part of every sunny day outside
Watch the sunrise
Eat watermelon
Try a new fresh salad recipe

I can’t be alone in feeling that rising sense of panic when the calendar flips to June and the realization hits that we have reached the halfway point of the year.  I do love summer but I don’t care for the days that it gets hot and steamy and I wind up inside sitting where it is cooler due to the fact that I have an air conditioner.  Morning and evening are my favorite times of day when it gets hot out.  Then I can enjoy being outdoors.

Whatever reasons we have, we should always enjoy the gifts of this beautiful season.

Will love be true as December frost, or fickle and fall like the rose in June?

Clement Scott


betty said...

That was a nice list of things to do in summer, Ma. Especially having a summer treat like a popsicle :) I too am amazed how fast the time goes, can't believe June is now almost over! Fourth of July is just around the corner, how did that happen already?


jack69 said...

Ahh Summer, and how did we live without A/C? BUT we did and enjoyed Summer hoping it would never end. I have very few chores and so many friends to run and play with.
Can you remember the joy of just a garden hose and COOL water?
You sure get the memories going and like Betty, I like the LIST!
I am looking at 114 on my thermometer, but I know it is in direct sunlight, IT CANNOT BE THAT HOT! ;-)

Jean said...

It sure has been Hot here in this part of Alabama. I like your list of things to do. We do get to sit outside a while in the mornings since I bought a big outside fan to help keep cool. My days has been busy here lately and it is hard for me to take time to get on the computer. If not to tired out, I try like tonight, after the husband goes to bed. :).Take care. Jean


Love your summer bucket list. Going to try to do a few of those things myself, too.