It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chapter 6, Page 19, Book 15

A Summer Blessing

May you walk with God This summer
In whatever you do Wherever you go

Walking with God means... Walking with honesty
And with courage, Walking with love

And respect
And concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God This summer
And every day and In every situation

Talking with God means... Praying words of praise
For the beauty of creation Saying prayers of thanks For friends and good times, Asking God's help

In all your decisions Expressing sorrow When you have failed

May you talk with God Every day. 

Author unknown

June 19 - we are loved

I have loved you with an everlasting love

Jeremiah 31:3

As the seasons change, so our lives are constantly changing, sometimes from day to day! In the center of all of this change there can be a constant; this is what we need, and what we search for. The human heart longs for love, stability and security. In a fast paced world where our culture is rapidly changing and we all to often face the unpredictable, it is comforting to know that Love is ever present.  Life is just a little opportunity for you during a few years to say, 'I love you, too.'

Love is characterized by a deep respect for all people, regardless of their race, belief or whatever makes them different from ourselves. Love responds generously to the needs of the poor, and it is marked by compassion for those in sorrow. Love is quick to offer hospitality and is persevering in times of trial. It is always ready to forgive, to hope and to return a blessing for a curse. 

... I have called you and you are Mine

The essence of of my faith is love. Delight in the beauty of each season and rejoice knowing that just as His signature marks the landscape, He has also written your name on His hand.

May you remember today and every day that you are loved


betty said...

I love the thought, which of course is true, that God has written our names in his hand. We are his and no one can ever snatch us away! Beautiful summer blessing too!


jack69 said...

Like the Summer blessing. Good thoughts, asl always, a good visit.
We are HOT hovering at 100.


I love the sentiment you expressed in this post. "we all to often face the unpredictable, it is comforting to know that Love is ever present."