It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Chapter 4, Page 5, Book 15

An Easter Prayer

God, give us eyes to see
the beauty of the Spring,
And to behold Your majesty
in every living thing.

And may we see in lacy leaves
and every budding flower
The Hand that rules the universe
with gentleness and power.

And may this Easter grandeur
that Spring lavishly imparts
Awaken faded flowers of faith
lying dormant in our hearts.

And give us ears to hear, dear God,
the Springtime song of birds
With messages more meaningful
than man's often empty words.

Telling harried human beings
who are lost in dark despair
Be like us and do not worry
for God has you in His care.

Helen Steiner Rice 

April 5th- Easter Love

Whoever loves much, does much.

Thomas a Kempis

On this Easter Sunday we remember just how much our dear Lord did for each of us. 

Be still

and feel the song

that God sings in your heart,

a song of praise to our God.

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter day!

God loves you and me; let’s love one another.



Your posts always inspire. HAPPY EASTER to you. Enjoy this day of reflection.

betty said...

Such a beautiful poem by Helen Steiner Rice; thanks for sharing it with us on this Easter day! Happy Easter!


jack69 said...

Amazing how EAster and Spring co-incide. I love it. Life and living is what EAster is about.

HAPPY EASTER TO A 'Real Easter Lady'.

Scrappy quilter said...

Happy Easter. I agree with Taryterre, every post is an inspiration. Thank you for being you! Hugs

Hollie said...

I hope you had a very Happy Easter!!!